The advantages different between us and another suppliers
1.We have advanced technology and equipments.
2.We are a manufacturer of electronic components with produced equipments and strong technical force.
3.We have passed ISO9001 certification.
4.We have rich experience in foreign trade and our main customers are EATON, HUBBELL, OTTER so on.
5.We are committed to establish a stable cooperative relationship with customers, mutual benefit and common development.

About our products

Products Description: Tighten, rivet or weld electrical contact, contact plate, copper pin, armature, terminal, etc, via Beer machine, automatic welding machine or non-standard machinery.

Material: Terminal/Bracket: Copper, Brass, Phosphor copper, copper nickel, beryllium copper, white copper,  Nickel, Aluminium, Iron, stainless steel, Monel, Clad metal etc.
Contact: Ag, AgNi, AgCu, AgCuNi, AgCdO, AgSnO2, AgSnO2In2O3, and so on .

Application Scope: Mainly used in Thermostat, relay, Protector, Earth leakage circuit breaker, Automobile panel switch, Controller, and other middle or low voltage appliances, and so on.

Capacity: 40000000pcs/month with more than 20 sets of stamping machines, some electric beer machines and  automatic assembly machines.

Pet Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Ningbo Ingenta Mold & Machinery Co.,Limited ,