Henan Zhengzhou plans to build a smart city to promote the development of big data

[Downstream of China Instrument Network Instrumentation] Big data makes cities smarter. With the development of big data technology, the collection, sorting and analysis of massive data becomes possible. On the morning of August 25, 2016, the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government and Henan Mobile signed the "Smart City Big Data Cloud Computing Center Strategic Cooperation Agreement" at Laoshan Hotel, which will open a new chapter in the development of smart city construction and big data industry in Zhengzhou City.

Zhengzhou City will vigorously promote the development of big data industry. The use of big data is very broad. For example, when traveling out of a tourism planning trip, you can use the big data to view the changes in the flow of tourist attractions and to check the flight delay probability information so that we can start smart travel with pleasure. In the planning of urban public transportation routes, through the distribution of large data technology citizens and the collection and analysis of mobile information, it is possible to make routes and site planning more scientific, improve travel efficiency, and save travel costs.

Cheng Zhiming, deputy secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor pointed out that at present, the big data industry has become a new driving force for economic restructuring and development, and it is also a new opportunity to reshape the city's competitive advantages, and it is also a new way to improve the government's governance ability. In recent years, the municipal government and the municipal government of Zhengzhou have attached great importance to the development of the big data industry. By improving the application of big data in various fields, we have accelerated the transformation of unique location, environment, resources and industries into competitive advantages and development advantages.

In response, Zhengzhou City has successively issued a series of policies and measures to support the development of big data industry and the construction of “smart cities”, compiled and implemented a three-year action plan for the development of big data industry in Zhengzhou, and actively promoted the well-known big data companies in China. Strategic cooperation, accelerate the construction of big data application industrial park. Henan Mobile is a leading enterprise in the telecommunications infrastructure service industry in the province and has occupied an industry leading position in the aspects of mobile big data and ICT business development.

This cooperation is the beginning of mutual benefit, information sharing and mutual benefit. The two parties will jointly promote the construction of the "Zhengzhou Big Data Cloud Computing Center" in accordance with the principles of "government-led, corporate body, market promotion, and promotion of development." Citizens enjoy "cloud computing and intelligent" high-end services in education, medical care, security, environmental protection, and daily life, and lay a solid foundation for creating a sound investment environment, optimizing the industrial structure, and promoting the construction of international business centers. Promote the development of the big data industry in Zhengzhou and the construction of a “smart city”.

China Mobile invests RMB 6.5 billion in Henan Jian’s Data Center Wei Liang, General Manager of China Mobile Henan, spoke in his speech. Relative to the whole country, Henan Mobile initiated “intellectual Henan” information construction for the province. Fully promoting the construction of smart cities and big data cloud computing centers and promoting the sustainable development of the “internet” has created favorable conditions. At the same time, Henan Mobile initiated the construction of two major data centers in the Airport Zone and the High-tech Zone. The China Mobile (Henan) data center in the port area will become China Mobile’s largest communications production and information service base in the Central Plains area and will be substantially To enhance the status and hierarchy of Zhengzhou in the country's communications network and information distribution, and effectively help the city's big data and cloud computing industry to flourish.

“The cooperation between the two sides will certainly have a positive and far-reaching impact on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure and the development of new energy. Henan Mobile will also strictly implement the agreement, actively formulate and introduce preferential policies for the incubation of big data industry, and actively participate in big data. The construction of industrial parks and other projects will make new and greater contributions to Zhengzhou's "two lead" goals and speed up the construction of international business centers, he said.

It is reported that Henan Mobile has invested RMB 6.5 billion in the construction of two international first-class data centers in the aviation port area and Xigaoxin, with a total of 30,900 racks. The first phase of the project will be completed in the first half of 2017 and the end of the year. It will have the capacity to provide 10,000 comprehensive cabinets, which will effectively solve the problem of poor environment and safety, operation and maintenance costs in the computer room construction of the party and government, enterprises and institutions. Higher issues.

Henan Mobile will adopt the cooperative construction model of “government-led, mobile construction, and purchase of services” and build a smart Henan construction and operation system around the “three-tier structure”. Henan Mobile will rely on the advantages of China Mobile’s IoT base, actively formulate preferential policies for big data industry incubation, actively promote the establishment of big data industry alliance, accelerate the construction of big data industry park, effectively promote the expansion of big data applications and the rapid development of big data industry. .

At the same time, Henan Mobile will rely on the “Smart City Big Data Cloud Computing Center” to create five cloud applications “government cloud, enterprise cloud, people's livelihood cloud, internet of things cloud, and agricultural cloud” and actively promote the rapid development of smart cities in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou’s strategic transformation and upgrading.

(Original title: Zhengzhou will focus on building a smart city Henan Mobile will invest 6.5 billion in the first place)

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