Zhongshan shoe factory high-speed straight scraper, Shenzhen basketball hot melt adhesive glue

Zhongshan shoe factory high-speed straight-type scraping, Shenzhen basketball skin hot melt adhesive combination Contact: Ms. Li

Foshan Luo Bo Parke UES-b08 high - speed straight-type scraper, hot melt adhesive combination features:
1. Optimize the body control module and use multiple combination seals to ensure that the leakage of glue is prevented from forming after a long period of work.
2. The special design of the contact point of the switch glue ensures the high sensitivity and accuracy of the switch glue.
3, integrated module and scraper body can produce fast response time
4, using a built-in heating filter structure, can effectively eliminate impurities and carbides to prevent clogging
5. Unique scraper design, special treatment, and fine grinding ensured a uniform distribution on the substrate.

Working frequency: 2600 times
Working temperature: up to 200°C
Working width: 60mm------450mm
Temperature sensor: PT100 or K type
Air pressure: 2 kg/cm2 ----- -4 kg/cm2
Operating voltage: 220 VAC 50/60 Hz, single phase
Control voltage: 24 VDC

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