Cultural heritage identification auction chaos: "antique" by doing the old shoot ...

The chaos of cultural relic identification auction: 300 yuan readily available vase, auction agency appraised 4.8 million yuan. According to relevant persons in the Shanghai auction industry, some cultural investment companies in the art market are guilty of valuing their products in the name of auctions and defrauding service fees in the early days. This is something new in the past two years. Because people are staring at the service fee, so the number of participating items is certainly better, whether it is true or false, but no matter how many transactions will be made, anyway, service fees are always earned.

Speaking of antique artifacts reminds me of two friends in the industry. A former street vendor had a lot of goods. As long as he did not set aside, he always told me to collect antiques in impoverished areas. The sale of things is also very complicated, from mahogany chairs, screens and other large items to vases, wood carvings and other ornaments, there are many jade play pieces, the year is also very complex, Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties have. I am more sensible. I know that "Luo Jiao" is like a lottery prize. It can be difficult to meet. Although I also like to select something, I personally think that his "antique" is all modern arts and crafts. Did not buy more than 200 yuan.

Once he got seriously ill, I contacted him with a famous doctor. After he was cured, he saw me as a true friend. He admitted that all his “antiques” were fake and told me various items of wood, copper, and jade. The old way of doing it really opened my eyes and gave me a lot of very beautiful "blue and white flowers." In the past, he was a street vendor. In the past ten years, he not only had a large facade, he also bought a garden house and an Audi sedan in Shanghai. Things to sell are getting more and more "upscale," but as long as I go, it's still the old saying: "It's not worth the money."

Another friend is an auction house. He always wants to help me "send money." Once I saw the "Yuanqinghua" basin where I had fruit, I had to let me participate in the auction. I said it was fake. No one would want it. He designed a set of "plans" for me: To find a company to value 200,000 yuan, to find a few friends to raise up to 400,000 yuan at the auction, he does not charge me commission, so there will be a transaction record. The next time you shoot, the starting price will be set at 500,000 yuan, and then you will have to raise it to 800,000 yuan. I said it was my own and I didn't make money. As a result, he said: "There is always a lot of people who are stupid." As long as the auction encounters an "owner" bid, it sells.

I naturally did not listen to his arrangements, so these "blue and white flowers" are still carrying fruit. If anyone wants, send you one.

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