Magnificent transfiguration of mini vans - RV

If you want to come to a walking away, many people are very much aspire to this mode of life, a good way to relax. Now minivans are hot models. Why, because many people are now starting to transform minivans into luxury cars. It's tempting to look at it and say that a good trip can be started immediately.


RVs are hopeless for many friends. The main reason is that the prices are too expensive. But the price of minivans is a good deal. People who have ideas and strong hands may wish to follow suit to transform their minivans and make successful counterattacks. In fact, the transformation process is not as complicated as you imagine. As long as you are willing to spend time and time, you will eventually achieve good results. First of all, the basic work - to make space for the body, the seats should be completely removed, ah, here is the best car has been used for a few years or used cars, if it is a new car, then it is very distressed. Then do the partition, the bathroom partition is a class, here you can use cardboard to cut the size, and then according to the painting, the real board partition. Then do a good job in the bathroom sink and door panels, design circuits, LED lights on the roof, just like the renovation of the house, put on the wooden floor, sofa, in order to save space, the sofa should be made removable removable, dining table is also In the same way, the table top is combined with the sofa to make the bed board, which is the sleeping bed. Like the coffee table, the small parts for cooking are very simple and ready in advance. Then you can open the road and enjoy life at any time.


If you want to do a good job for your RV, you need to do your homework well in advance. In the meantime, you should refer to and study the design and function of various RVs. You should not only be able to reconstruct the micro RV in order to be able to cook, relax, and live. The direction of this kind of multi-purpose RV for shipping. Full-featured, to meet the food and shelter. Before renovating the car, we should also learn more about the provisions of the relevant laws. Article 10 of the “Regulations on the Registration of Motor Vehicles” implemented last year stipulates that if a registered motor vehicle has one of the following circumstances, the owner of the motor vehicle shall notify the vehicle at the registered location. The management office applies for change registration: (1) changing the color of the vehicle body; (2) replacing the engine; (3) replacing the body or frame; (4) replacing the entire vehicle due to quality problems. In other words, according to the new regulations, owners are not required to apply to the vehicle management center in advance. They can change the vehicle color, change the engine, etc., and then apply to the vehicle management office for change registration.

Armband & Lifevest

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