Dow Corning Technology Makes Jeans Greener

Wearing jeans can also be considered as an environmental protection measure, which will be realized in the near future!

For a long time, consumers have been protecting the environment in various ways, such as recycling paper and plastics, saving electricity, and opening up energy-savin.......

Airport fire truck

Airport fire truck airportcrashfire vehicle
Special structure special-purpose vehicles for handling aircraft fires and accidents that can spray fire extinguishing agents while driving.

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Smoke fire truck

Smoke fire truck srnokeevacuationfirevehicle
Equipped with a smoke-removal fire-fighting equipment, a special-purpose vehicle for special structures that exclude smoke and heat generated by fires in buildings.

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Desert Refrigerated Vehicle

Desert refrigerated vehicle off-road for desert
A car equipped with a thermal insulation structure and a refrigerating device, a desert car for refrigerated transport in the desert.

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Library car

Library car
There is a window for borrowing and reading books on the carriages. There are bookshelf, work desks and chairs and other facilities in the carriages. It is used for the car-type special-purpose vehicles for borrowing books.

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Domestic rim modification is still in its infancy

Domestic rim modification is still in its infancy

The rim refitting market is in its infancy in China. Why can we say that? When we go shopping, we can occasionally see a few modified cars. To modify the car, the rim is usually modified.

The awareness of refitting in .......

High Oil Prices Bring Coal Chemical Development Opportunities

High oil prices have brought opportunities for the development of coal chemical industry. The Fourth China High-tech Symposium on Coal Chemical and Coal Conversion, co-sponsored by the China Coal Industry Association and the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, will be held in Be.......

Water truck

Watering vehicle affusion vehicle
A special water injection device equipped with a special tank filter is used for tank-type special-purpose vehicles used for water injection operations at the oil well operation site.

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Desert Lift Truck

Desert crane truck withloadingcrane vehicle off-road for desert
A desert car that can be loaded and unloaded by a truck-mounted crane.

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Special car

Special purpose vehicle
The device has special equipment and special functions, which are used to undertake special transportation tasks or special operations and other special purpose vehicles.

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Dry powder fire truck

Dry powder fire truck powderfire truck
Equipped with dry powder fire extinguishing agent container and complete set of dry powder injection device, it is used to extinguish the fire for special structures.

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Desert Earthquake Arrangement Vehicle

Desert earthquake arrangement vehicle off-road for desert
It is a desert vehicle equipped with containers, equipment fixtures, and dedicated equipment for loading and transporting petroleum exploration in the desert, such as dedicated cables, colle.......