Domestic rim modification is still in its infancy

Domestic rim modification is still in its infancy

The rim refitting market is in its infancy in China. Why can we say that? When we go shopping, we can occasionally see a few modified cars. To modify the car, the rim is usually modified.

The awareness of refitting in coastal areas is relatively strong. If a person buys a house, it cannot be the same without decoration. You bought a car. It's impossible to not modify it. However, we have not yet reached such a market status. I believe it will happen in the near future.

What are the trends in upgrading and upgrading the rim according to the current situation?

As domestic road conditions get better and better, more and more expressways, driving comfort do not need much consideration, but consider the safety of driving in a more important position, and modify the rim, reduce the flat ratio, in When punctured, it will reduce the degree of deviation of the car. Increase the width of the rim, increase the ground contact area of ​​the tire, and increase the grip of the tire. Therefore, the diameter of the modified rim will increase, and the width will increase accordingly. This guarantees

Many of the cars that are now playing are Chinese and young people. They have the ability to strongly absorb the outside world's concepts and knowledge. China is becoming more and more integrated into the international trend. The rim revamping of automobiles will certainly follow the international trend. Then the United States is represented. The remodeling culture will inevitably affect them, which will inevitably lead them to change their car more personally. For example, the rims with wind-impellers that are popular in the market are very windy and beautiful. They have only a certain degree of economic strength and certain refitting ideas. They all hope that they will be able to personalize their own cars.

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