Dow Corning Technology Makes Jeans Greener

Wearing jeans can also be considered as an environmental protection measure, which will be realized in the near future!

For a long time, consumers have been protecting the environment in various ways, such as recycling paper and plastics, saving electricity, and opening up energy-saving vehicles. Today, they have one more choice. Recently, Dow Corning used patented silicone technology to develop a new denim processing process that not only drastically reduces the amount of water used in the process, but also reduces waste emissions.

Feng Tingzhong, director of global industrial textiles at Dow Corning, said that today's consumers are paying more and more attention to the environmental impact of purchased goods. Fashion and comfort are still preferred, but beyond that, consumers begin to consider the impact of the production process on the ecological environment.

Silicone can not only increase the fabric's softness, but also improve the fabric's physical properties such as tear strength, abrasion and wrinkle resistance, elasticity and restoring force, shrink-resistance, waterproofing, and sweat absorption.

Using traditional methods to process and organize denim, the denim is soft and wear-resistant, while water and energy are consumed intensively, and multiple independent steps need to be performed: removal of thread ends on the fabric, and fading appearance after enzymatic treatment , Bleaching, dyeing processing, chemical or softener treatment, so that the fabric with anti-wrinkle, stain resistance and UV protection and other characteristics. With Dow Corning's patented powder technology, processors can perform fading, finishing and many other steps simultaneously, saving energy and time, and effectively solving many environmental issues. This innovative powder technology has the advantages and characteristics of silicone in the dry state, which can minimize the amount of water and solvent, and can reduce the amount of fungicide used to maintain emulsion stability.

“Many well-known international apparel companies have shown great interest in using this silicone technology. By using this technology, they can produce fabrics that meet environmental requirements for consumers,” Feng Tingzhong commented. “Now, we are These companies work together to bring real satisfaction to them and their consumers.”

Dow Corning offers performance-enhancing solutions that meet the diverse needs of more than 25,000 customers worldwide. As a global leader in silicone technology and innovation, Dow Corning offers more than 7,000 products and services. The company holds 50% of the shares of Dow Chemical Company and Corning Public Week.

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