Analysis of the development trend of the world's machine tool technology

The rapid development of science and technology in the world today is gestating a new revolutionary breakthrough. Processing technology has entered the era of sub-micron and nano-scale super-precision processing. Networked manufacturing technology is in the ascendant, green manufacturing is on the rise, and digital manufacturing with CNC machine tools as a technology platform has enhanced the new stage of intelligent manufacturing. Technology integration and technology compounding have become CNC machine tools. One of the most active trends in technology.

There is still a long way to go before we can become a machine tool powerhouse. When exploring future trends, don't just think that foreign machine tool new products are trends, knowing why they don't know why. From the general trend of social and economic development, machine tools as production tools and energy-using products, the focus of their product innovation in the next few years can be summarized as the following four aspects:

(1) Ecological machine tools. Green manufacturing is a prerequisite for sustainable development.

What is a green eco-machine tool? The vision of a green eco-machine tool should have the following characteristics:

The main components of the machine tool are made of recycled materials.

The weight and volume of the machine tool is reduced by more than 50%.

Power consumption is reduced by 30% to 40% by reducing the quality of moving parts and reducing the power of idle operation.

Reduce the amount of waste during use by 50% to 60% to ensure a basically non-polluting working environment.

After scrapping, the material of the machine tool is 100% recycled.

The new concept proposed by the green eco-machine tool is to reduce the weight of the machine tool, save materials, and reduce the energy consumption of the machine tool.

The machine tool must reflect the evaluation criteria of energy saving and emission reduction and overall efficiency. For many years, the machine tool capability index of accuracy, speed, power and other measures is the main goal of machine tool products. Under the pressure of preventing environmental degradation, industrial production needs to reduce the negative impact on the environment in an all-round way. The development direction of machine tools should also be changed from improving the ability index to improving the efficiency indicator, and obtaining more output with less investment.

The main way of greening machine tools is to adopt new structures and new materials to reduce the quality of moving parts and achieve energy saving. Dry cutting and MQL are used to reduce emissions, pay attention to the smooth path of chip removal, and quickly remove heat, so as not to use dry cutting and MQL causes thermal deformation of the machine tool and affects machining accuracy.

(2) Smart machine tools. The intelligence based on the Internet and computer technology is the embodiment of the machine tool to further extend the human brain. Intelligentization can improve the stability and reliability of machine tool work. Smart machine tools can monitor their own status with various sensors, analyze the machine status, machining process and surrounding environment, and then take countermeasures to ensure optimal machining. In other words, machine tools have evolved to send messages and think and adjust on their own. For example, it can reduce active vibration suppression of vibration, intelligent thermal barrier that can control thermal displacement, intelligent safety barrier that can prevent component collision, voice prompt and SMS notification, and help select cutting parameters according to processing requirements.

A clever machine tool is actually a complete processing system, and the essence of the processing system is the networking and intelligence of the manufacturing system.

System dynamic optimization. The relevant process and equipment knowledge are integrated and modeled to optimize the dynamic performance of the system.

Device adaptation. Develop new measurement methods, models and standards, monitor machine status under operating conditions, and perform on-line measurement, sensing and real-time analysis for self-diagnosis and error compensation to improve machine performance.

A new generation of CNC systems is used. Interfaces and data formats compatible with STEP-NC enable seamless operation of CAD-based machine controls.

A method of directly measuring tool wear and workpiece accuracy during machining.

(3) Customization. The shift from mass production to mass customization is the general trend in manufacturing, and the machine tool industry is no exception. When a good user's craftsman and creating value for the user is not empty talk, the products produced by the user are different, and the requirements for the machine tool and equipment are of course different. For example, the goal of a composite machining machine is to machine a complex workpiece on a single machine. Different workpieces have different processes and machining methods. The configuration of the composite machine should be different. It is foreseeable that a significant number of companies that focus solely on the production and sale of traditional general-purpose machine tools will be gradually replaced by competitors who provide users with a modular, reconfigurable, flexible and comprehensive solution.

In order to strive for greater sales highlights, foreign companies have used the concept of service economy for the sales of machine tools. Traditional machine tool maintenance services have been impacted differently, and thus have undergone great changes. Traditional CNC machine tool repair services have been extended to help users create value, increase productivity, and maximize benefits. Designing solutions for customers is the basic strategy for common development.

We need to combine service economy with manufacturing sales and change the operating model of the machine tool industry. Machine tool companies must combine technology, service, management and cost to remain competitive, with technology determining strength, service decision advantage, management and cost to determine efficiency. What the users need, the company should focus on the needs of users, especially to grasp the forward-looking needs of the market, meet the new changes in the market, form a full range of service capabilities, provide complete sets of products and comprehensive solutions, and gradually realize the project general contracting project. .

(4) Soft and hard combination. Traditional machine tool manufacturers usually do not provide software products when selling machine tools. Even for CNC machine tools, the software of the CNC system is embedded in the CNC system by the system supplier, not provided by the machine tool manufacturer. As the shape of machine tool objects becomes more and more complex, the functions of CNC machine tools continue to expand, and the number of control axes increases gradually, it is necessary to give full play to the maximum efficiency of machine tools and ensure that users can process with the highest process safety and high efficiency. Must rely on software support.

In the Internet + logistics network today, the machine tool is not only a production equipment, but also a contact point in the factory network. In the network, machine tools can be linked to production management systems, tool and material management systems, and even machine and tool suppliers to automatically handle problems in production.


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