Correct use of clutch


1,   Pedal must promptly and thoroughly, to lift the pedal through the free travel will have a smooth slowly, to prevent excessive impact load clutch damage; unstable vehicle launch when the appropriate starting speed increase, but not as much as possible than 1300 r / min.

2,   When the car is running normally, it is forbidden to step on the clutch pedal to avoid half-clutch wear. When accelerating, the throttle is prevented from crashing to prevent the clutch from slipping and grinding.

3,   Before the parking position is approached, the clutch should be depressed and the dead brake applied to avoid damage to the damping system of the clutch.

4,   It is forbidden to step on or off the taxi or taxi the engine. Normally, it is not allowed to use the car to start the engine.

5,   It is forbidden to use the method of slamming the throttle and slamming the clutch to pass through the soft road, muddy road and ice and snow roads.

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