What should you pay attention to when detonating electric detonators?

Pay attention to the following safety precautions when using an electric detonator to detonate:
First, the use of electric detonators must be checked one by one, the electric detonators used in the same blasting network should be the same factory, the same type of products.
2. When the stray current value of the blasting operation site is greater than 30 mA, it is forbidden to use ordinary electric detonator. It should be replaced with anti-stray current detonator or use non-electric detonation method to detonate.
3. Before the main line of the blasting is connected with the detonating power source or the detonator, the total resistance value of the whole line must be determined. The error between the total resistance value and the calculated value is ±5%. If it is not met, the cause should be ascertained, and then corrected.
Fourth, the chamber blasting, the power supply of each chamber should be withdrawn before installing the blaster.

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