Wuhan Shipbuilding won the national key new product project

Recently, the API-C offshore engineering crane independently developed by Wuhan Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully passed the assessment of the Ministry of Science and Technology and successfully listed in the 2013 National Key New Product Plan, marking the company's efforts to develop new products for marine engineering equipment. Results. This is the sixth consecutive year that the company has won the national key new product project.
The API-C offshore engineering crane is an important research and development project for Wuhan Marine Machinery to develop new products for marine engineering equipment in recent years. In November 2011, the company successfully developed a large offshore platform crane of 190t-9m. It is still a domestic offshore platform crane with independent development and compliance with API-2C specifications and the largest lifting tonnage. Its overall technical performance has reached the international advanced level. A number of patented technologies. The successful development and introduction of the API-C 190t offshore engineering crane has filled the domestic gap and broke the monopoly of such products for a long time by a few foreign manufacturers. It has had a great impact in the domestic offshore industry, so it won a Affirmed and trusted by the customers, a large number of offshore crane orders have been obtained, ranging from 5t to 300t, covering the current major offshore platforms and engineering vessels. The offshore engineering crane has developed into one of the important series of products in the marine equipment field of Wuhan Ship Machinery. The industry has shown a booming trend.
Based on the strategic development framework of “One Base, Two Lands and Three Domains”, the company regards the development of offshore engineering equipment as the focus of the company's structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, adheres to the combination of technology leadership and market development, and strives to build an industrialized development framework and foundation. Make a large offshore engineering equipment industry. The successful development of the API-C offshore engineering crane, which was put into the market and was rated as a national key new product project, marked the company's remarkable achievements in relying on innovative structure adjustment and vigorously entering the field of marine engineering equipment.

Peugeot And Citroen Are French Automotive Manufacturers, Part Of Group PSA.

The Family Business That Preceded The Current Peugeot Company Was Founded In 1810, And Manufactured Coffee Mills And Bicycles. On 20 November 1858, Émile Peugeot Applied For The Lion Trademark. Armand Peugeot Built The Company's First Car, An Unreliable Steam Tricycle, In Collaboration With Léon Serpollet In 1889; This Was Followed In 1890 By An Internal Combustion Car With A Panhard-Daimler Engine.Due To Family Discord, Armand Peugeot Founded The Société Des Automobiles Peugeot, In 1896.

Citroen Was Founded In 1919 By French Industrialist André-Gustave Citroën(1878–1935).  In 1934, The Firm Established Its Reputation For Innovative Technology With The Traction Avant. This Car Was The World's First Mass-Produced Front Wheel Drive Car, But Also One Of The First To Feature A Unitary Type Body, With No Chassis Holding The Mechanical Components.

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