Complex road conditions look like ZF TraXon gearbox

In 2017, Futian Auman EST Super Truck officially landed in China. At the same time, the new ZF - transmission gearbox, TraXon, was also completed in China. After the promotion of the market, end users have now experienced the performance of TraXon gearboxes. Among them are long-distance trunk transportation user feedback. Even across a variety of complex road conditions, ZF TraXon gearboxes are still able The product's real skill.

ZF TraXon gearbox ZF TraXon gearbox

Smooth and precise shift details highlight comfort

For gearboxes, the smoothness of shifting is the most basic element of the product, and it is also an important manifestation of the “basic work” of the product. As an automatic gearbox, ZF TraXon not only has a smooth shifting process, but also has more precise shift timing than other products.

Multiple modules are highly integrated Multiple modules are highly integrated

It is understood that the shift selection system of the ZF TraXon gearbox and the coaxial clutch operating system ensure the smoothness of the product in the shift process. At the same time, the TraXon gearbox's high speed ratio range design also ensures that the product has the lowest stable speed on the basis of non-skid grinding of the clutch and that the gearbox semi-linkage and launch performance are also optimized.

“The shift process in the entire transportation route is completely untouchable and very smooth.” Zhao Bin, a user in Shandong Binzhou, told the China Truck Network reporter. In this transportation, Zhao Debin set out from Shandong Province to Urumqi and eventually arrived in Kashgar, Xinjiang. It can be said that this is a standard long-distance transportation and the road conditions are also relatively complicated. Zhao Debin praised the performance of the ZF TraXon gearbox.

Shandong Binzhou User Zhao Debin Shandong Binzhou User Zhao Debin

“At the moment, I have used Xinjiang ZF TraXon gearbox to run a few times in Xinjiang, and each time the performance was very satisfactory. The shift experience of the product completely exceeded expectations. Initially, before the long slope of the vehicle, I was also on the gearbox. Manual intervention, but after several trials it was found that the manual intervention was not effective enough to achieve the smoothness and precise shift timing of the transmission automatic shift mode. So now I use the automatic mode almost entirely, because I ZF TraXon's automatic shift control has plenty of confidence," Zhao Debin told reporters.

Auman EST Super Truck on the road Auman EST Super Truck on the road

In addition, the ZF TraXon gearbox adopts a mature helical gear design. The transmission meshes with helical gears during operation, which also increases the smoothness of the shift to a certain extent. At the same time, the new helical gear design also ensures a lower noise level of the gearbox.

TraXon gearbox used by Zhao Debin TraXon gearbox used by Zhao Debin

According to the UN/ECE R51.02 standard, the external noise of the car's acceleration is forecasted. The noise of four TraXon's is equivalent to the noise of one other product, which greatly improves the comfort of the user during driving. Zhao Debin told the reporter: “In the process of transportation to Xinjiang, the cab has always been very quiet. Thanks to the soundproofing of the Futian Auman EST cab on the one hand, it also thanks to the control of product noise. Driving and shifting Operation, almost no feeling of TraXon's voice, noise reduction, but also ease the long-distance transport of driving fatigue, improve the safety and comfort of transport."

Zhao Debin and Auman truck on the road Zhao Debin and Auman truck on the road

High transmission ratio power loss is the lowest in the industry

As the transmission components of the three powertrains, the gearbox's transmission efficiency is a hard indicator that reflects the product's "real kung fu."

According to the China Truck Network reporter, the ZF TraXon automated manual gearbox has the highest transmission efficiency in the industry and its transmission efficiency is as high as 99.7%. Such a high transmission rate means that the transmission can transmit kinetic energy to the transaxle with the highest efficiency, thus making vehicle operation more fuel-efficient. ZF's global data analysis shows that the TraXon automatic transmission can consume 5% to 8% less fuel than a manual transmission.

TraXon Automatic Transmission TraXon Automatic Transmission

"In the transportation process, TraXon's large gear ratio range can reduce the engine speed and reduce fuel consumption." Zhao Debin told reporters: "Compared with the manual gearbox used before, the TraXon automatic transmission's fuel economy can also Obviously felt."

"In the course of transportation from Shandong to Xinjiang in January 2018, I chose to use the middle section of the road for fuel consumption testing. The test section included roads, uphills, and downhills. The final test result was 100 kilometers. The combined fuel consumption is 30.7 liters. Under the state of loading, this fuel consumption is low, and the fuel economy of Foton Cummins X12 and TraXon transmissions is fully reflected, as well as the high transmission ratio of the transmission."

Auman EST Super Truck Auman EST Super Truck

It is worth mentioning that the TraXon gearbox also adopts a double countershaft structure, which has a compact design with an optimal torque-to-mass ratio, which increases fuel efficiency and increases the vehicle's payload.

Smart advantage pre-shift function highlights

Compared to traditional automatic transmissions, the intelligent design of ZF TraXon products can be described as a “killer”.

It is understood that ZF TraXon gearbox integrates many advanced software functions, including PreVision GPS pre-shift function, peristaltic function, neutral coast function, ramp start function. The China Truck Network reporter learned that ZF’s revolutionary PreVision GPS shift strategy for the new gearbox was based on GPS connectivity and navigation data.

PreVision GPS pre-shift function PreVision GPS pre-shift function

This function can link the gearbox with GPS data and digital map products. PreVision GPS is integrated into the vehicle accordingly to avoid unnecessary shifts under some terrain conditions. At present, the traditional gearboxes are passively receiving signals, but ZF's gearbox can determine the front road conditions based on GPS signals to perform pre-shifting. The advantage of this feature is that it saves fuel and at the same time ensures the life of the engine and axle powertrain.

For users like Zhao Debin who often run long distances and diversified transportation conditions, the intelligent functions such as pre-shifting of the ZF TraXon gearbox are very practical.

Today, the ZF TraXon gearbox has been officially open to the domestic market and has already been used by a certain number of benchmarking users. With ZF's 100 years of R&D experience, TraXon gearboxes are bound to win the trust of more customers with their product performance advantages and smart innovations.


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