E-commerce will become a new "engine" for new energy vehicles

On March 11, 2014, Beijing New Energy Co., Ltd., the largest new energy automobile manufacturer in China, reached a strategic cooperation with Jingdong, a well-known e-commerce company in China, and further promoted the adoption of new energy vehicles in the domestic market through the e-commerce platform. Cross-border integration of new energy vehicles and e-commerce.

According to the agreement, the two parties will achieve a number of cooperation and resource sharing at the strategic and operational levels, including the following five contents: 1. To build a strategic cooperation platform. Integrate the advantages of their respective industrial chains, build a new energy vehicle index research center based on big data, promote the “car networking hardware and software and service product incubator” project; 2. carry out joint investment. Including big data applications, intelligent traffic management systems, investment and acquisition of cutting-edge technologies in new energy vehicles, etc.; 3. Promoting the formulation, landing, and implementation of various new energy vehicle standards in China's logistics express industry; 4. Taking the lead in the promotion of the logistics industry The identified new energy vehicles will strive to promote the use of 5000 electric logistics vehicles in the Jingdong logistics system within 2 years to reduce energy consumption and emissions in the logistics industry. 5. Launch joint marketing. It has built a new flagship store for BAIC New Energy, and a green flow of Jingdong-Beiqi New Energy to raise the target market for new energy vehicles. The next step is to jointly contribute to the popularization of new energy vehicles.

The cross-border cooperation will integrate new energy vehicles with e-commerce, closely integrate BAIC's sales of new energy vehicles and the Internet, improve user convenience, promote green travel, and lay a good foundation for the city's 2017 new energy automotive application scale. basis.

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