Ningbo leads the new trend of fruit and vegetable processing equipment

Ningbo leads the new trend of fruit and vegetable processing equipment

From January to June 2013, Ningbo Port imported 2149.3 tons of fruit and vegetable juice worth US$3.761 million, which was a two-fold increase and a 2.3-fold increase compared with the same period of 2012. The majority of fruit and vegetable juices were imported from Israel and ASEAN, with imports of 2.11 million US dollars and 1.628 million US dollars, respectively, accounting for 99.4% of the total imports of fruit and vegetable juice at the Ningbo port during the same period. Among them, the most popular is grape juice, with an import value of 2.08 million US dollars, accounting for the same period. 55.5% of total imports.

Ningbo leads the world in the new trend of fruit and vegetable processing equipment. The increase in exports of fruits and vegetables has also accounted for one-third of the total exports of fruits and vegetables in China. However, there has been a problem that has plagued the development of the industry. The energy consumption of the fruits and vegetables during the drying process has been greatly reduced, and the dehydrated and frozen fruits and vegetables have greatly reduced their nutrition. As a leading agricultural product company, it is incumbent upon us to overcome technological problems and revitalize one industry.

After several years of technological breakthroughs, the Haitong Group, in collaboration with Jiangnan University and other units, implemented the "Key Technology Research and Application of High-quality Drying Techniques for Fruits and Vegetables Foods". This project has finally overcome this problem and won the second prize for national science and technology progress.

The project adopts innovative technologies such as vacuum frying and dehydration, freeze-drying, combined drying, hot air and combined drying, and special dehydration, etc. to effectively solve the ubiquitous processing and subsequent preservation of traditional dry food products for fruits and vegetables. Problems such as fast and unstable quality have been promoted, and energy saving and emission reduction in the high energy-consuming drying industry have been promoted. “One of the vacuum freezing technologies can control the loss of nutrients from fruits and vegetables within 10%, and it can make their taste and color basically the same,” said Sun Jincai, chief engineer of Haitong Foods.

This technology provides strong technical support for China's advantageous fruits and vegetables dehydrated products to expand their export share and expand the domestic market. This scientific and technological achievement has been applied through 10 companies such as Haitong and Shandong Luhua Group, and has established 72 new high-quality fruit and vegetable foods to be dried. The production line has created an innovative platform for the company and significantly improved its market competitiveness. Haitong has become the industry benchmark.

Benchmarking leads to innovation. The method of steamed fumigation and distilled water immersing in the copper mustard of Ningbo Tongqianqiao after numerous tests has finally solved the problem that the salinity of mustard must not be reduced. This "pumpling pumping" technology has become the industry's first, "copper money bridge" company is based on the "unique secret" in the domestic market invincible, and even to the counterparts in Sichuan Fuling exclaimed "wolf came."

After years of development, Ningbo fruit and vegetable export processing companies have continued to do deep and refined, and export industries have grown from strong to strong. Ningbo fruit and vegetable export industry will surely lead the new trend of agricultural products processing technology, and finally win the world's fruit and vegetable processing.

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