Enterprises gradually increase the proportion of LED lighting business

Foreign capital CLSA pointed out that the LED lighting market officially entered the high-speed growth stage in the second half of 2013, mainly including three major catalysts, including LED lighting price drop, government policies, rising electricity costs, etc., which is expected to drive LED lighting penetration rate from 2013. About 20 rises to about 44 in 2016, and this trend will also drive the rapid growth of LED lighting output. From 2013 to 2016, LED lighting output will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 35.
Observing the dynamics of traditional lighting leading factories around the country, these lighting factories have begun to increase the proportion of LED lighting business.
In Europe, Philips and Zumtobel currently have more than 30 LED lighting products, while OSRAM's LED lighting products in the first quarter of this year also have 32.
In addition, Acuity Brands, a well-known American lighting manufacturer, is also optimistic about the development of LED lighting in the North American market. It is estimated that from 2015, LED lamps will account for more than 50% of all North American lighting.
In addition, Sunlight Lighting is China's largest lighting ODM factory. Since the first half of last year, it has seen rapid growth in sales of LED lighting business.
According to Lyon data, in addition to the transformation of traditional lighting factories, LED component factories (including die factories, packaging plants, etc.) are also transforming lighting business opportunities, such as Seoul Semiconductor, LG Innotek, Taiwan Crystal, etc. Between 2011 and 2012, the proportion of LED lighting revenue was only about 20~25, and last year it grew to 30. It is estimated that this year it will increase to about 40 water levels.

Brass Compression Fitting
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Brass Compression Fitting For Copper Pipe

Brass compression fitting for copper pipe