Meeting the market demand, the new tablet press is a typical representative of mechatronics

With the continuous development of science and technology, the level of technology in the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry is also increasing. As in the tablet press industry, in order to meet the new needs of the market, a new type of tablet press has also been developed and produced, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical field.

The new tablet press is the most important model in the production of pharmaceutical tablets. These are all mechatronic products. Compared with the traditional tabletting press table, the most important equipment maintenance advantages of the new press table assembly come from the greatly reduced number of parts required, all of which are less than the original 15%, reducing The corrective link. Appearance, film quality, tablet unit pressure can be clearly shown, the difference can be automatically deleted.

In fact, the concept of the pharmaceutical tablet press is to continuously press pellets or other irregular materials. There is a die on the machine that can adjust the depth of the material and the thickness of the press. A high-speed rotary tablet press popular in the market is highly sought after by many companies due to its features such as high output, high pressure, reliable operation, wide application range, and low cost. The advantage of a good performance-to-price ratio, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, PLC man-machine interface, and time and money savings can be regarded as the elite of the tablet press industry.

General pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical companies are the first choice for rotary pharmaceutical tablet presses as the first choice for the production of drugs, because the rotary tablet press has a high yield, stable quality, suitable for large-scale production. Then there are several disadvantages in the production process of rotary tablet presses, such as dust problems, viscous bluntness problems, and differences in tablet weights.

In addition to considering the price and the survival rate of tablet presses, pharmaceutical companies generally choose pharmaceutical tablet presses. What's more important is the quality of tablets produced by tablet presses. This is also the case when each pharmaceutical company selects a tablet press. First of all need to observe.

However, the problem of powder dust produced in the production process of the current pharmaceutical tablet press is a matter that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The domestic dust produced by the tablet press during the production process is supplied with negative pressure through a dedicated dust collector and then the dust is sucked and removed. However, due to the backwardness and gap in technology, the sealing conditions of the equipment are not very good. There is still some dust flowing to the purification area. In addition, the dust generated during the process of material transfer or tablet transfer may also be directly leaked from the relevant connection point. To the purification area.

The advantages of the new tablet press are extremely clear. In the future development process, the tablet press industry should continue to improve technology and develop new equipment. In fact, the entire pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry also needs new technology support.

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