Exploring the lubrication method of high speed bearings

Effectively controlling the temperature rise of the high-speed rotating electric spindle bearing is a very important indicator of the electric spindle. The temperature rise of the spindle is closely related to the bearing. The method of reducing the temperature rise of the bearing is: (1) reducing the dynamic friction of the bearing; (2) adjusting and improving the heat dissipation environment of the bearing. There are several methods for lubricating the commonly used electric spindle:

1. Grease lubrication

Under normal circumstances, the heat per unit time of the bearing rises as the temperature rises, and the viscosity of the lubricating oil decreases. In order to avoid overheating of the bearing, the lubricant must be fully added. However, the increase in the amount of oil also increases the resistance of the agitation and increases the dynamic friction loss, thereby increasing the resistance of the electro-spindle. If it is lubricated with a small amount of grease, it will not achieve the purpose of low friction and will not bring out the heat of the bearing. The high-speed rotation of the high-speed electric spindle accelerates the deterioration of the grease and reduces the service life of the grease.

2. Oil mist lubrication

At present, the lubrication of the electric spindle of the CNC grinding machine is mostly lubricated with oil mist, and the oil mist lubrication is a small amount of lubrication, which reduces the friction loss and reduces the temperature of the bearing and improves the service life of the electric spindle. Another advantage is that due to the certain internal pressure inside the bearing seat due to the oil mist lubrication of the electric spindle, the damage of the electric spindle caused by the abrasive particles entering the shaft housing of the electric spindle is avoided. However, oil mist lubrication has environmental pollution and inaccurate oil control problems.

3. Oil and gas lubrication

Oil and gas lubrication has the following characteristics:

(1) It can supply a very small amount of lubricating oil to the bearing continuously and stably;

(2) The environmental pollution is small. After the oil-lubricated electric spindle is placed in the propylene box for about 2 hours, the air pollution level in the measuring box is about 0.03 mg/m. Contamination is less lubricated than oil mist, because the oil and gas lubrication is less than the oil mist lubrication, and the lubricating oil and compressed air flow into the bearing in both gas and liquid phases.

(3) It is difficult for dust or moisture and cutting fluid to enter the main shaft bearing of the electric motor. The compressed air maintains a positive pressure inside the electric spindle bearing.

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