LNG Industrial Chain Prosperously Benefits Many Listed Companies

The Third China International LNG Conference was held in Beijing from June 19th to 21st. Kunlun Energy Co., Ltd., the only platform in which CNPC operates the LNG business, will participate as the organizer for the first time. The conference will gather topics such as LNG power vehicles, LNG power boats and related ancillary equipment.

The industry believes that the new round of LNG concept company stock price linkage will be launched.

Yao Mingde, former director of the General Office of the Ministry of Transport and President of the China Road Transport Association, pointed out at the 3rd China International LNG Conference opened yesterday that the next 20 years will be an opportunity for LNG to make great progress in road transport applications, especially Passenger and cargo transport vehicles and buses have the fastest growth. At the same time, the reporter learned from the meeting that, thanks to the encouragement of national policies, the sales volume of the entire LNG industry chain has greatly increased, and many listed companies, such as Weichai Power, Sichuan Meifeng, Hualing Xingma, and Furuitai, are expected to grow from LNG. Benefit from the development process.

“The interaction of various factors, such as the need for green and low-carbon development in road transport, the need to protect the environment and respond to climate change, the development of the LNG industry chain, and the requirements of national energy policies and regulations, promote the use of LNG vehicles in road transport. Provide new opportunities," he said.

According to Yao Mingde, it is estimated that the number of LNG vehicles operating nationwide will reach 250,000 by 2015, and only about 60,000 in 2011. He also revealed that the Ministry of Transport will continue to promote the trial application of LNG vehicles for intercity road transport during the year. According to the estimates of the China Road Association, based on the number of vehicles in 2010, 20% of buses, 10% of trucks, and 30% of buses use LNG vehicles in 2020, and the total number of operating LNG vehicles in China will reach 1.35 million. The fuel cost is 81 billion yuan (calculated at an average annual rate of 4,000 yuan/ton), with annual substitution of about 2006 tons of fuel and a reduction in fuel costs of about 28 billion yuan.

It is said that the price of LNG exported from Indonesia to CNOOC will increase from around US$4 per million British heat to around US$7 per million British heat. The price of imported natural gas that is upside down will cause three barrels of oil to suffer huge losses in this sector. The importer's request for smoothing out the gas price is endless. However, under the background of the continuous expansion of the LNG market for vehicles, the sales scale of the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, including those engaged in storage tank manufacturing, gas station construction, and LNG transport equipment manufacturers, can be described as “explosive” growth. .

New energy investment bankers told the Shanghai Daily News reporter that during their contact with customers, they discovered that the LNG downstream gas was the seller’s market. “Basically, how much gas will be produced will be able to be collected,” and it is concentrated in cities where coastal oil and gas resources are not abundant. The usage showed a double-digit growth trend.

In recent years, Shaanxi Automobile Group has focused on the production and sales of LNG heavy trucks. According to Liu Xiaobin, deputy general manager of the Group, the company sold about 2000 natural gas heavy trucks (including LNG and CNG) in 2011 and more than 8,000 in 2012, of which LNG heavy trucks accounted for 90%. This year, it is expected to exceed 1 million, and in recent years it has maintained a rapid growth rate. According to Liu Yubin, the subsidy to LNG vehicles from local governments is one of the major reasons. “The calculation of subsidy per kilometer per trip is about 10,000 yuan per vehicle,” he said.

According to Zhong Wenxu, senior vice president of Kunlun Energy, the company's refueling station will have more than 600 stations built by the end of the year, and there are currently 477. As of the end of May, 50,000 LNG vehicles will be promoted.

At the venue, the reporter also observed that LNG tank manufacturers, compressor manufacturers, LNG heavy trucks, etc. are all looking for cooperation opportunities with upstream energy companies in the industry chain, Sinopec, Kunlun Energy and other companies engaged in the construction of gas stations. The people are actively exploring the possibilities of supplying gas and selling internationally through cooperation with Russia, the United States and other countries.

In the A-share market, Weichai Power is the leading manufacturer of LNG engines, Sichuan Meifeng and Sinopec Sichuan Natural Gas Company have established joint ventures to engage in LNG production and sales, and Valin Xingma and Furui installed to jointly develop LNG vehicle equipment. All will benefit from the great development of LNG.

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