What problems should be paid attention to when a problem arises in aerial work vehicles that require self-maintenance?

For those high-altitude vehicle drivers who have rich driving experience and understand the principles of automotive mechanics, if a high-altitude vehicle malfunctions in a half-way, repairing it by yourself will not only save time, but also save a lot of overhead, but it will be a maintenance work at heights. During the process of the car, we must pay attention to the following issues: don't repair the car and put yourself in danger.

Bogey: When the car is open, the hood is rushed to open the hood

Tips for manufacturers of high-altitude trucks: In the summer, the car is hot and the car is easy to open. In the case of car boiled, the driver must not check it by yourself, because in the case of opening the pan, open the hood, the steam temperature of the water tank is too high and it easily leads to face. Department or other parts of the body were burned.

What to do: If there is a situation where the engine of the high-altitude vehicle is being panned, first stop the car on the roadside, turn off the fire, pull the key out, lift the cover of the machine, let it ventilate naturally in the shade, and then quickly fight. Telephone waiting for the arrival of professional rescue personnel.

Bogey: Park the broken car on the slope

High-altitude vehicle manufacturers prompt: Some owners will stop at the half-slope position to repair the broken car, and forget to pull the handbrake, which will cause the vehicle to slide on its own and eventually cause a serious accident.

What to do: The owner should pay attention to whether the parking place is a slope when parking or not. It is better to find a flat place with no slope. Check if the car is still in the gear and pull the handbrake. If it is in a slope, the best Place obstacles under the wheels to prevent the vehicle from slipping suddenly.

Bogey: Keep the warning sign on the side of the road maintenance vehicle

Tips for high-altitude truck manufacturers: Repairing a car at the roadside is a very risky thing, and passing vehicles can be dangerous to you at any time.

What to do: When repairing a car on a roadside or when a car is on the road waiting for rescue workers, be sure to set a warning sign about 50 meters behind the car. If there is no warning sign on the car, you can find some branches or obstacles around to mark it. , Achieve the effect of warning behind the vehicle to avoid traffic accidents.

Bogey: Long-time operation of high-altitude truck engines in unventilated garages

High-altitude truck manufacturer tips: Many owners start the car in a closed space, ignoring the impact of exhaust emissions from the engine. The car exhaust is actually very dangerous, contains carbon monoxide, is an invisible and can not smell of gas, it is easy to enter the ride Cabin. If the owner keeps inhaling low concentrations of carbon monoxide gas for a long time in a closed or poorly ventilated room, it can cause headaches, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, physical weakness, and even brain damage.

What to do: Never run the engine in a confined space. If you start the engine in a garage, open the garage door or open the exhaust unit so that the exhaust can be discharged from the garage at any time. Even when outdoors, do not work at all. Long stay near the engine exhaust pipe.

Bogey: The oil pipe is blocked by the mouth suction pipe

Manufacturers of high-altitude vehicles suggest that fuel oil is generally poisonous. In particular, leaded gasoline can damage people's nervous system, digestive tract and kidneys. In addition, gasoline also contains high concentrations of sulfides, hydrogen sulfide also has some toxicity. If the tubing Blocking, the owner of the vehicle in order to quickly sip the mouth, it is easy to inhale gasoline, which can cause nausea and abdominal pain, and even lead to poisoning or death.

What to do: If the vehicle is running on the road and there is a blockage in the tubing, remember not to suck the tubing with your mouth, especially leaded petrol. In case of inhalation, try to get to the hospital immediately after you have to force yourself to vomit. If there is a problem with tubing clogging, It is best to call professional rescue workers to help.

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