The golden decade has been a big reshuffle in the machine tool industry

The golden decade has passed. The machine tool industry will reshuffle The chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Guan Xiyou, was elected as the “CCTV China Economic Person of the Year” in 2012. This award was awarded to the most economical person in China in the previous year, with high gold content. For the first time, the machine tool industry won a prize. Although the ranking is at the bottom, although the performance of Shenyang Machine Tool in 2012 was slid, this is still the country's recognition for industry and machine tool industry. This is the most important event for the machine tool industry in 2012. Put it at the top of the article to pay tribute to the Chinese machine tool industry.

Entering the 21st century, along with the rise of China's manufacturing industry, the Chinese machine tool industry has ushered in an opportunity of vigorous and rapid development. Many old state-owned machine tool factories have been reborn. Numerous unseen machine tool factories have soared. Industry insiders generally refer to this period as the golden decade for the development of the Chinese machine tool industry. In 2012, Lao Jin was the most miserable year since he was engaged in the machine tool industry. Compared to the second half of 2008, which is so devastating, the situation is even more severe. What is the bottom? 2012 is a typical trough. If it is serious, 2012 may be the watershed of the end of the golden decade of the Chinese machine tool industry.

The signs of a sluggish industry started in the second half of 2011. Continued blowouts in the first half of 2011 stopped shortly after the Wenzhou train crash, and the rapid decline in sales caused alarm and worries throughout the industry.

In the spring of 2012, the situation was excellent. The trucks that came to pick up the trucks filled the road leading to the machine tool factory as in previous years. All this made the machine tool builders forget the pain of the second half of the 11th year, and they did not dare to produce at the end of the 11th year. The manufacturers of stockpiled their feet full of chest. In May, the market for crickets has been gradually deserted. Is it off-season? This off-season is too early compared to previous years. The sluggish machine tool sales continued until December, and hopefully the year-end peak season has not yet arrived. To think about it carefully, the good situation in March and April is just a false prosperity caused by machine dealers who routinely pick up goods.

The non-authority data released by an industry organization describe the status quo of the machine tool industry in this way: From January to October 2012, along with the obvious decline in the market demand for machine tool products, the output value of the Jinqi machine tool industry decreased by 19.1% year-on-year, and the output decreased by 29.7% year-on-year; The output value decreased by 18.2% year-on-year, and the output decreased by 27.5% year-on-year. The total industrial output value of rolling components and numerical control systems in small industries fell even more, by 35% and 35.8% respectively year-on-year. Lao Jin told the 12 machine tool companies directly involved in business transactions to understand the market conditions. The best-selling company said this year’s production value was 70% of the same period last year, and the worst one was only 30% of the same period last year. The general performance was five to six year-on-year. to make.

why? In terms of official language, the overall machine tool industry is still at the middle and low end of the international division of labor and the industrial chain. The past high-speed growth has relied more on the strong pull of domestic market demand, the development energy released by the reform of enterprise institutional mechanisms, and the cost of labor. Relative strengths and strong support from national industrial policies. The slowdown in economic growth at the current stage is not a simple cyclical downturn, but rather a complex background. To a greater extent, the country is also actively choosing to replace the economy at the expense of a lower growth rate.

The cliché reveals a reality that the development of China’s economy is firmly controlled by the state, and policy orientation is the direction of the economy. It indicates that the turning point in the market for the machine tool industry will be that the national policy will turn from pessimistic to optimistic.

With the rapid growth of the national economy for more than a decade, the machine tool industry has also been flying for 10 years. Today’s emergency brakes have caused many riders to cling to the outside of the carriages to drop a lot, and the shuffling will continue. The golden decade of the machine tool industry has been quietly shattered.

Charcoal Weng worry anthrax cold weather, machine tool people are worried about finding a bright spot. At a time when the market situation is extremely severe, the machine tool industry has not given up, and it is still firmly seeking its own way out. Automation, high-precision, and new technologies are the three keys to the difficulties that the machine tool industry has found to solve the dilemma, and the upgrade and transformation has already taken place spontaneously.

What the state must do is to let go, stop policy subsidies and policy tilts on state-owned machine tool companies, stop technological subsidies and tax relief on so-called high-tech companies, and let all machine tool companies stand on the same starting line to compete freely. The greatest support for the machine tool industry. Inaction, the most competitive machine tool companies in China have developed themselves step by step in the grassroots state, and the collapse of state-owned machine tool companies has fully proved that the country's operations for the micro-economic powerless. The machine tool industry that does not have policy constraints will grow freely and will receive nirvana in all kinds of hardships and difficulties. This will create a huge force with great vitality and international competitiveness.

"This is the best time. This is the worst time. It is a spring full of hope. It is a desperate winter. There is nothing in front of us. We have nothing in front of us." Dickens in " The introductory speech of The Tale of Two Cities has been repeated numerous times in the past. The benevolent sees the truth and the wise see wisdom. Now, Lao Jin still wants to repeat this sentence. The target is a heavy machine tool company.

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