Auto Energy-saving Subsidy New Deal Promulgated Sales of Small-Displacement Vehicles as Expected

The new standard of energy-saving cars introduced a large number of small-displacement vehicle sales encounter "Icefire two heavy days"

In view of many dealers, originally intended to make sales in the October ambitions of a ambition, so that the implementation of the new energy-saving subsidies for cars since October has poured cold water. As the country implements new standards for car energy conservation and enjoys energy-saving subsidies for cars under 1.6L, its 100km fuel consumption threshold has been raised from 6.9L to 6.3L, leaving many of the original models enjoying subsidy being rejected. The reporter found that compared with the New Deal for Automobile Subsidies, the list of six batches of “Energy-saving Products Benefiting Projects” for energy-saving vehicles (1.6-liter passenger cars and below) has been released, and the original 420 models that entered the subsidy list were only 37 models. Vehicles under 1.6L displacement can enjoy subsidies of RMB 3,000 per person for energy-saving benefits, and 90% of them will be excluded from the list. (The final list of finalized models still needs to wait for confirmation and announcement from relevant departments. The data here is for consumption only. For reference).

As a market with five major Japanese brand traditional advantages, consumers in Foshan may be even more depressed, because in addition to several models of Dongfeng Nissan, several other Japanese brands of small-displacement models have no advantage in qualifying for this new standard. List of subsidies.

Comparing New Standards: Volkswagen or New Standard Winner

Comparing the new standard with the fuel consumption of more than 420 models of the original entry list, the Volkswagen's small-displacement model will undoubtedly enjoy the greatest benefits after the implementation of the new standard. Including Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda brand, about 12 models meet the new energy-saving standards implemented this time. Among them, even including the Volkswagen's high-end cars Passat and Magotan. Many of Volkswagen's models can be finalized, thanks to German Volkswagen's timely introduction of TSI's turbocharged technology into China. Of the 12 models that can be included in the comparison of the new standard, 11 models are equipped with 1.4TSI engines. Among them, the Passat and Magotan's finalists benefit from the development of the 1.4TSI engine.

In the past, some brands that were all included in the subsidy list were not even short-listed. Among them, the hardest hit was its own brand. According to the original list of subsidies, almost all of the self-owned brands have received subsidies. Only Chery, JAC, BYD, Changan, Dongfeng Xiaokang, and a few other brands can be selected as the finalists, and many are not related brands. The core model. Like the Chery brand, the reporter found that according to the standard comparison, Chery had seven models to be shortlisted, but its main SUV model Chery Tiggo was difficult to enter the list. BYD's main model F3, JAC, and Yue are also difficult to access according to the new standards. As for the Southeast China Motors, Haima Motors, Great Wall Motors, and Brilliance Autos, which had originally been subsidized by numerous models, they were able to enter finalists.

Among the joint venture brand cars, according to the comparison, Korean brands and European brands other than the general public will also be selected, and only five major Japanese brands or only Dongfeng Nissan will survive. Including the FAW Toyota Corolla Toyota, Corolla, Guangzhou Automobile's Yaris, Guangben's Fit, Feng Fan and Dongben's Civic, Foshan City has been hot selling, may be excluded from the list of subsidies.

The Buick Excelle and the 1.2-liter Chevrolet Sail, which were manually blocked by the American brand, should be selected. This may make people who still stubbornly feel that the U.S. car is an oil tiger.

A large number of independent brand cars lost

After comparison, the reporter found that the models with independent brands expected to be listed in the new subsidy list will still occupy the majority, but the loss of more brands and models will make the situation of independent brands more difficult. This year, in the Foshan market has maintained a good sales momentum of the independent brands, in addition to MG, Haima and other small brands mainly based on small cars, the other is the main brand of Land Rover and other off-road vehicles. However, as a whole, regardless of the country or the Foshan market, the overall sales of independent brands this year are not optimistic.

The implementation of the new standard for energy-saving cars will make many independent brands face a more difficult situation. There is no other reason for this, just because the self-owned brands are still selling low-end models to the outside world. Because of their low prices, consumers who buy their own brand cars are particularly sensitive to price factors. There is no 3,000 yuan subsidy for energy-saving vehicles. For many joint-venture brand models, the impact may not be obvious. However, self-owned brand cars do not have the subsidy of several thousand yuan. Consumers still have obvious feelings.

Some car dealers are frank. After the implementation of the new standard, they did affect the sales situation. In particular, sales during the 11th period were not as good as expected. Sales volume declined compared with the same period last year and the same period last month. At present, the final purchase price of some models has indeed been raised, but if it does not apply for subsidies, the profit as a dealer is still thin.

Japanese top five brands or only Nissan

Of the top five Japanese brands that have the highest market share in Foshan, Dongfeng Nissan will be the only remaining brand in the original subsidy list, and Sunshine and Minda, which are able to meet the new standards, are their main models. According to Zhou Hongling, a franchise store of Dongfeng Nissan Zen Motor City, the impact of Dongfeng Nissan on the implementation of the new standard is not significant. The main reason is that some models of Sunlight and some models of Tiida are still within the scope of subsidies. At the same time, to seize the opportunity of the sun and Tiida to obtain subsidies, the dealers also stepped up competition for the same-class car market share. According to the introduction of ZenChecheng shop, given the new energy-saving subsidy policy, the new-generation Tiida Tiida is one of the 1.6L finalists, and SUNNY Sunshine is the only short-listed model for the 1.5L displacement category.

FAW Toyota's original entry into the subsidy list will not be selected after the implementation of the new standard. As a leading brand in Foshan's market share, FAW Toyota did not feel any excessive pressure to subsidize. Guicheng Toyota 4S shop Mo Zhiyu introduced the impact is not great. Although the overall price of FAW Toyota’s models has been adjusted back, it is not because of the lack of subsidy for implementing new standards for energy-saving vehicles. Mainly because the sales momentum is very good since September, and many models are more tight. And, according to this sales momentum, the distributors have no pressure to complete the task assigned by the manufacturer this year.

Impact: Sales of small-displacement vehicles are not as expected after the new standard
The implementation of the new standards for energy-saving vehicles has brought about a sales situation in which the “Jinjiu” topped the market and “silver ten” was overshadowed. From the sales of the top ten sedan brands in September, it can be seen that Excelle, LaVida, Cruze, Sail, Bora, Jetta, Elantra, Polo, Fox, and Sunlight are the major brands with displacements of 1.6L and below. The main model.

In September, the phenomenon of low-displacement vehicles at the bottom of the bargaining table also appeared in Foshan. However, after the implementation of the new standard in October, sales of small-displacement vehicles in conjunction with the entire auto market were not as expected. During the interview, many Japanese brand dealers reported that due to the implementation of the new standard, the proportion of sales of the model has changed. Among them, in September, many owners eager to buy a car before the implementation of the new standard, when the 1.6L and below displacement models sold relatively hot. Since October, sales of 1.6L and above will have a better sales momentum. However, overall sales volume, many car dealers are not as good as September, and have not reached their expectations.

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