When a man shoves a complain when she exits the subway, she is beaten by her eardrum.

Men's subway pushes the girl while complaining and is beaten by ear drum diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-08

“Because I almost got pushed back, I said 'What are you doing?' and then punched!” Yesterday, 24-year-old girl Xiaoyu recalled to reporters: 10 days ago, she lined up at the Xi Erqi station on line 13. At the time of the station, he was pushed by a man and nearly fell. He complained that the man had caused a punch and led to perforation of the eardrum. At present, the police have initiated the case.
According to Xiaoyu recalls, at the time of the incident, she was preparing to leave the station at Xi'erqi Station. “At that time, people were crowded. Suddenly I was pushed hard by a man behind and almost fell down. I was very angry. "What are you doing?" Light rain said, waiting for her to swipe out of the station, pushing her man not far ahead. "He suddenly turned and ran back and punched me on the head, hitting his temple and his left ear."
The reporter contacted an eyewitness who raised a light rain. “At that time I was at the gate and saw with my eyes that the girl was knocked over by a man after she left the station. We quickly stepped forward and helped her up. Afterwards, several men said that they had stopped the beating and they were still paralyzed. He, but saw the girl did not chase him and let him go. According to the witness, the man was wearing a blue shirt, short hair, not tall.
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