Instrumentation companies must go to the world

Instrumentation companies must go to the world In recent years, China’s development model has come at the expense of cost and development opportunities. This is over-reliance on investment in infrastructure and the tilt of funds to state-owned enterprises. This kind of development model also makes China pay a huge price in environmental protection. Delaying or delaying this economic transition will bring about social unrest and have disastrous consequences.

Specifically, China must increase its investment in the field of instrumentation and production. These areas will not only absorb large amounts of labor, increase their wages, and thus increase people's consumption and living standards. In addition, China should also rectify state-owned enterprises, allow them to enter the international market for competition, and continue to introduce foreign capital.

Chinese instrument companies need to go abroad to invest in other countries. Only by participating in international competition can we accept advanced business concepts and become bigger and stronger. At the same time, China should further introduce foreign capital, which is in the interest of both China and other countries. Although foreign companies may not be able to succeed in China, at least they are given the opportunity to try and other countries will open their doors to Chinese companies investing in local businesses. This will ultimately bring benefits to China.

The experience of more than 30 years of reform and opening up in China shows that the Chinese people have great wisdom. China has a large population. This is a rich asset. The Chinese government should fully explore this wealth, conduct skills training for people, and provide job opportunities so that people's living standards can be improved. The government should also cancel unreasonable schooling policies that are implemented according to the region and provide everyone with fair development opportunities.

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