How to Measure Moisture Value with Portable Moisture Meter

Measurement principle of portable moisture analyzer Chemical raw material moisture analyzer, ceramic raw material moisture analyzer, Chinese and Western medicine moisture analyzer, food moisture analyzer, coal moisture analyzer and other portable moisture analyzer using high frequency electromagnetic wave principle Measure moisture quickly and accurately with 1 second readings. When measuring a granular or powdery object for the first time, it is necessary to calibrate the instrument or verify the instrument.

So how do you do specific operations?

A simple introduction to a chemical raw material moisture analyzer is now given.

Take A chemical raw material sample first, the actual moisture content is 8.5% (how to know its actual moisture value is introduced below). After turning on the chemical raw material moisture analyzer and turning it on, insert the instrument probe into the middle part of the chemical raw material sample. After the hand holding the table is stable, if the data displayed on the meter is 9.2 (there is a certain deviation from the actual moisture of the sample) , then rotate the dial on the surface of the instrument (clockwise adjustment of the data becomes smaller, anticlockwise adjustment data increase), has been transferred to the instrument screen display data is also 8.5 so far, then the dial refers to the stalls for 4.5 files. Then after measuring the chemical raw materials, it is no longer necessary to calibrate, and the dial can be directly rotated to 4.5 steps for measurement.

Now let's talk about how to know the actual moisture content of the sample. Take a chemical raw material sample, weighed with a more accurate balance of 200g (Gs Gs), and then placed in an oven for drying, after drying is weighed 183g (dry matter weight), you can get through the formula The actual water content (A) of A chemical raw material sample:


Where: W—the relative moisture content of the substance;

Gs - weight of wet material;

Ggo - The weight of dry matter.

The MS-100 Infrared Moisture Analyzer and Halogen Moisture Analyzer are accurate and can be used as moisture detection standards.

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