LED lighting applications home lighting or just around the corner

From energy-saving lamps to LEDs, home lighting has entered the era of energy conservation. Since 2009, many lighting companies have begun to enter the field of LED home lighting. In the past three years, how is the overall development of the LED home lighting industry? What has changed in the industry? What are the problems?
LED gradually entered the mainstream lighting field from 2009 to 2012, LED lighting is gradually entering the people's livelihood era, and gradually become the mainstream of home lighting. In the field of decorative lighting, LED technology is now mature, and it can be popularized in crystal lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, and table lamps. Basic lighting such as downlights and ceiling lamps are even more important. On the other hand, more and more companies are working with developers to get involved in the installation of LED lighting products in advance in hardcover rooms. The swarming of many lighting companies has also led to many problems in the industry, such as the lack of industry standards, product quality and price.
In the high-end industry, the entry barrier is too low to turn from commercial lighting to home lighting. For three years, everyone is studying a question, how to better apply LED technology to home lighting? LED technology content is high, production costs are high, and research and development costs are high, making the price of LED home products relatively high. After the rapid development of the industry, the company faces two problems: first, how to reduce the cost of research and development, so that more ordinary people can afford it; second, how to improve the threshold for entry, and use a unified norm to guide the orderly development of the domestic LED home lighting market.
LED energy consumption is 1/6 LED of incandescent lamp as a green lighting product, which has unparalleled advantages in terms of life, color temperature and energy consumption. For example, the energy consumption is 1/2 of the fluorescent lamp, 1/6 of the incandescent lamp, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet light, and conforms to the green home life concept. It is now possible to match the functions of different LED products through the luminaire configuration to create a lighting environment in different home scenes.
LED home lighting products dimmable color LED home lighting in addition to high luminous efficiency, long life, but also has a quick start, dimming, color, low-pressure control and so on.
The concept of auxiliary lighting is not very accurate. Now, with the improvement of LED light efficiency and power, it can be completely replaced in functional lighting. Secondly, the price of decorative lighting, such as lamp strips and landscape lighting, has been Very suitable, can be popularized. With the improvement of performance and application technology, LED home lighting products will quickly enter the homes of ordinary people.
The integration of light source into the building is the direction of LED development. Lamps such as chandeliers and lanterns can use LED technology more widely. This is mainly done in three stages: first, the replacement stage, that is, replacing incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc. with LED lamps. The enterprise is at this stage. Due to the limitation of replacement, there is a problem that the design is relatively simple. Then, in the stage of entering the special market, some special lamps for LEDs appear gradually, and the research and development of LEDs is used as the starting point for research and development, and LEDs have more advantages. The third stage is the stage of architectural lighting, which integrates the light source into the building and places it in the right place to illuminate the space. NVC's front view series is following this route, and some products have been formed. Therefore, with the development of LED technology, more and more chandeliers, lanterns and other types of lamps will be used, and there are unparalleled advantages such as incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps.
LEDs are suitable for working-class consumption levels. When LED home lamps are on the market, prices are generally high, making consumers discouraged. Yinghui officially launched the LED home lighting brand this year. The 10 series of new products are both luxurious and economical. The price level is close to the lanterns and can reach the consumption level of the working class.

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