National Freeway Runs Free During Spring Festival Holidays

National Freeway Runs Free During Spring Festival Holidays Recently, the Ministry of Transport said that the toll free time for small toll-free passenger toll roads nationwide during the Spring Festival holiday has been determined, from 00:00 on February 9 to 24:00 on the 15th. Ordinary roads are subject to the time when the vehicle passes through the toll lane of the toll station, and the time of the highway when the vehicle leaves the export toll lane shall prevail. The free crossing is not issued with the lifting bar. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Transportation that highways in the province will implement free policies in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport. Strict implementation of the traffic notification requires the implementation of the toll highway toll-free policy for the first time during the National Day in 2012. As the minibus enters the high speed, it still needs a card, which is one of the reasons for the congestion on the expressway. Afterwards, the Ministry of Transport issued an emergency notice requesting that no lifts be issued for the 7 or less minibuses that meet the free policy from 12:00 on October 4th. Because the process was not optimized in time, the implementation of the free policy was criticized by many people for the first time. Compared to National Day, is the free highway policy implemented better during the Spring Festival? The notification issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications clearly requires that local transportation authorities and toll road management units should continue to adopt various measures to ensure the efficiency of toll stations during the 2012 National Day holiday, and further optimize the toll management process. The implementation of the card is not issued. It is necessary to further rationalize and standardize special free passages and temporary traffic signs, and guide the paid vehicles and free vehicles to separate lanes and vehicles in order. The Ministry of Transport also requires all localities to formulate a diversion and bypass scheme and an emergency evacuation plan in case of traffic accidents that are prone to congestion and accidents; and to strictly inspect illegal lanes and illegally occupy emergency lanes. , block number plates and other prominent traffic violations.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Transportation stated that during the Spring Festival, the Department of Transportation will strictly implement the requirements of the Ministry of Transport on the free highway, and at the same time formulate a detailed plan according to the local highway operation conditions to ensure that the majority of drivers can effectively enjoy this policy. .

The province has cancelled the second-level charge

From January 1 this year, the provincial government repaid the second-grade highway 12563 kilometers, independent bridge and tunnel 41285 meters, 255 fee-charging items, 213 toll stations (including post-earthquake and toll highway special clean-up and stop fees and sites ) One-time cancellation of the overall charges.

However, at present, the province still retains 16 first-level and operating toll highway projects. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Transportation, these highway projects are all Class I highways and operational secondary road projects that are in line with the relevant national regulations and are approved by law. Therefore, they are not included in the scope of this cancellation charge.

Since all governments repay the second-grade highways to tie up and cancel charges, in other words, during the Spring Festival this year, citizens who travel by car in the province will not have to bear any tolls if they do not pass the first-class and operating toll road projects.

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