· China luxury car brand sales list in May: Mercedes-Benz exceeds BMW

According to the latest data provided by major luxury car manufacturers and statistical agencies, Gasgoo has compiled the top 8 luxury car brands in the Chinese market in May 2016. Mercedes-Benz retail sales in the month exceeded BMW, the top three positions changed, Lexus sold.

The following is the specific ranking.

1st place: Audi

Sales in China in May: 50,002 units, up 5.5% year-on-year (including Hong Kong)

In May, along with Hong Kong and the mainland, the Chinese market contributed 50,002 deliveries to Audi, up 5.5% from 47,410 in May 2015. From January to May, Audi's cumulative sales in China reached 239,118 units, compared with 226,021 units in the same period last year, a year-on-year increase of 5.8%.

If you do not count Hong Kong, only calculate the FAW-Volkswagen Audi vehicles sold in the mainland. From January to May 2016, Audi's cumulative retail sales in China were 238,108 units, an increase of more than 6% year-on-year. Audi's growth in the Chinese market mainly depends on the Audi A3, Audi Q3, Audi A4L and Audi Q5. Among them, A4L will be replaced in the second half of the year.

There are two 30% keywords that can be used as keywords in the relationship between Audi and the Chinese market. On the one hand, Audi occupies more than 30% of the Chinese luxury car market. On the other hand, Audi's sales in China account for more than 30% of the global total. Taking sales in May this year as an example, sales in China accounted for approximately 30.46% of global sales, and cumulative sales accounted for 30.49%.

2nd place: Mercedes-Benz

Sales in China in May: 38,271 units, an increase of 38.9% year-on-year (including Hong Kong)

In May 2016, the Mercedes-Benz brand delivered 38,271 new cars in China (including Hong Kong), compared with 27,562 vehicles in May 2015, a 38.9% year-on-year increase. From the performance of Beijing Mercedes-Benz domestic car sales, Mercedes-Benz C-class (especially C200 and C180), Mercedes-Benz GLA-class is the biggest source of growth. While the Mercedes-Benz E-class is facing a replacement, there will be a certain decline.

From January to May, the Mercedes-Benz brand sold 180,537 vehicles in China, compared with 132,814 vehicles in the same period last year, and this year's year-on-year surge was 35.9%.

If it is included in the Smart small car, that is, the sales volume of Mercedes-Benz's automobile business in China increased by 38.6% from the 28.820 units in May to 39,931 units; from January to May, it increased by 34.4% from 139,783 units to 187,838 units.
3rd place: BMW

Sales in China in May: 37,487 units, up 7.5% year-on-year (Mainland)

The BMW Group sold 40,123 units in mainland China in May and 37,457 units in May 2015, an increase of 7.1% year-on-year. China is still the world's largest single market for the BMW Group. In May, sales accounted for 23.4% of global sales, while sales in Asia reached 68.3%.

From January to May, the BMW Group delivered a total of 202,344 vehicles in the mainland China market, compared with 190,427 vehicles in the same period of 2015, a year-on-year increase of 6.3%.

If you do not count the MINI brand, only the BMW brand sales in mainland China, the number of data in May was 37,487 units, an increase of 7.5% compared with 34,870 units in May 2015. The cumulative sales volume from January to May was 189,000 units, up 5.5% year-on-year from 179,133 units in the same period last year.

4th place: Jaguar Land Rover

Sales in China in May: 9,329 units, up 27.9% year-on-year (Mainland)

In May 2016, Jaguar Land Rover sold 9,329 new cars in the Chinese mainland market, compared with 7,295 vehicles in May 2015, up 27.9% year-on-year.

Among them, Chery Jaguar Land Rover's domestic sales of 5,064 vehicles, accounting for 54.3% of sales in China. This ratio is comparable to April and is higher than the previous level. In terms of wholesale, Chery Jaguar Land Rover sold 5,478 units in May, of which 3,842 were found in the Shenzhou and 1,636 in the Range Rover.

From January to May, Jaguar Land Rover sold a total of 45,895 vehicles in the mainland China market, compared with 38,660 vehicles in the same period last year, an increase of 18.7%.

5th place: Cadillac

Sales in China in May: 8,568 units, up 30.0% year-on-year

In May 2016, Cadillac's retail sales in the Chinese market were 8,568 units, compared with 6,592 units in the same period last year, a surge of 30.0% year-on-year. It is the only market in the single market for the brand to achieve growth.

According to data released by General Motors recently, XTS and ATS-L luxury cars sold more than 2,400 units in China in the month, and XT5 luxury SUVs sold 1,449 units in the first full month after listing in China.

In the first five months of this year, Cadillac sold 36,266 vehicles in China, up 12.3% from 32,297 vehicles in the same period last year.

6th place: Volvo

Sales in China in May: 7,045 units, an increase of 1.1% year-on-year

In May 2016, Volvo Car Group's retail sales in the Chinese market was 7,045 units, an increase of 1.1% year-on-year compared with 6,967 units in the same period last year. China remains the largest single market for the brand.

According to the wholesale sales of various models, the Volvo XC60 is the best-selling Volvo brand in China in May, but the biggest source of growth is the Volvo S60L.

From January to May, Volvo sold 32,961 vehicles in the Chinese market, an increase of 6.3% compared with 31,010 vehicles in the same period last year.

7th place: Lexus sales in China in May: 4,906 units, down 46.5% from the previous month

In May 2016, Lexus sold 4,906 vehicles in the Chinese market, less than half of the order volume, which was a sharp drop of 46.5% from the 9,171 units in April. Affected by many factors, May did not continue to grow steadily before.

In April of this year, Lexus' sales increased by 35.85% year-on-year, setting a second-high monthly sales volume in China, second only to November 2015. From January to April, the cumulative sales volume was 32,509 units, an increase of 40.1% year-on-year. The cumulative sales from January to May were 37,415 units.

The reason why Lexus sold in China in May was close to the waist, mainly due to the earthquake in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, and the Toyota factory was shut down for several working days. In addition, in May, Lexus also recalled 140,000 Lexus IS, Lexus ES and Lexus GX in China due to factors such as Takada's defective airbags, which is close to 150% of annual sales in China.

At present, the most important main source of growth and growth of Lexus in China is the new ES. In the first quarter, sales of 23,338 vehicles in China and ES reached 10,312 vehicles, accounting for 44.2%.

8th place: Infiniti

Sales in China in May: 3,600 units, down 9% year-on-year

In May 2016, Infiniti sold more than 3,600 units in the Chinese market, down 9% year-on-year. From January to May, the cumulative sales in China was approximately 15,000 units, down 5% year-on-year.

In terms of wholesale sales of Dongfeng Infiniti, sales in May fell slightly by 0.5% from 2,634 units to 2,620 units; from January to May, from 9,095 units increased by 1.0% year-on-year to 9,183 units.

In April, Dongfeng Infiniti's wholesale sales volume experienced a cliff-like decline, mainly due to manufacturers to ease inventory pressure for dealers.

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