How to deal with winter icing in suction truck

This winter season can be very lazy, because it is too cold! Therefore, it is also the most complicated season for the suction truck to be protected in one year. If it is improperly maintained and develops in the opposite direction, it will result in varying degrees of damage to the suction truck .

We want to know how to protect it. We must know what causes it. The most important thing is the season. The temperature inside the vehicle before the suction truck is parked is higher than the outside temperature, so that the temperature on the glass can't be dispersed, and the snow falls on the glass. It will melt first, and as the temperature inside the car decreases, the outside world encounters a low temperature, and the melted water will easily form ice, so it must be handled in the correct way.

1. Warm air deicing method

Start the car first, then wait for the temperature of the engine to rise, so that the car body heat up, but also to open the heating, with warm wind blown glass, so that the ice slowly melts, so in this process is the process, more time-consuming, but it is Drunk cost savings. If you know that there are snow days, you can use the newspapers and other objects to block the glass at night so that you can take down the newspaper directly in the morning and save time.

2. Physical deicing

Maybe we sometimes need to use a suction truck very quickly. For better de-icing, we can use physical knowledge to de-icing, but we must first buy a special glass defrosting shovel. The defrosting shovel can be very easy. Remove the frost on the glass, so it is easy to remove the frost, but in the use of the process should be even and moderate intensity, and can only scrape the shovel in one direction, otherwise it will leave scratches on the glass, affecting the driver's sight when driving.

3. Chemical deicing method

Since there is a problem with freezing, somebody will come up with a chemical agent, spray deicing agent, and spray this liquid directly on the glass of the suction truck so that it can quickly remove ice. Prevents freezing and soiling again. This method is very cold weather in Northeast China

4. Cover and anti-ice method

This method is to prepare in advance before the advent of the winter season. The owner of the suction dungeon purchases a windshield partner, which is an environmental protection material. It is resistant to minus 40 degrees frost on both sides. It is frozen on the glass every night after parking. There will be no frost on the glass in the morning and it is very convenient for the applicable products.

In order to better prevent icing on the suction truck, it is first necessary to ensure that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the vehicle is reduced, so after the vehicle is used up. Stop and open the door to allow the air inside and outside the car to circulate, so that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car can be reduced, and the high temperature inside the car can be prevented from liquefying into water after being exposed to the cool air of the glass, and then formed into ice. Therefore, in order to prevent freezing, the suction truck must be protected after use. (Text / Chen Shumei)

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