Fast Group has a good start to production in the third quarter

On July 26, 2016, at Fast General Group's July regular meeting, Yan Jiabao, Chairman and Party Secretary of Fast Group, emphasized that it is necessary to scientifically grasp the national policy and take advantage of the situation; firm confidence in the development of the company, and make full preparations; The Group's concept of chess is a synergy; it actively seizes market opportunities and diversifies its development; comprehensively promotes the spirit of artisans, forms synergy, satisfies new market demands, and boosts corporate development.
Fast Group's July General Assembly Meeting Held in Xi'an High-tech Plant Fast Group's July General Assembly Meeting Held in Xi'an High-tech Plant

Fast Group's production and operation in the third quarter started well. Various operating indicators outperformed the GDP index of the country and Shaanxi Province, and always maintained its leading position in the industry. This is the result of the restructuring and transfer of the company, and it benefits from the good economic and social environment created by the party and the country.

Fast Group's July General Assembly Meeting Held in Xi'an High-tech Plant Chairman and Party Secretary Yan Jiapu of Fast Group

We must cherish the current stable and harmonious social environment and implement the principles and policies formulated by the party and the country without hesitation. With the issuance of the Measures for the Administration of Indirect Investment Infrastructure Projects for Insurance Funds, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Circular on Implementing Major Engineering Packages for Upgrading and Upgrading Manufacturing Industries." New energy vehicle policies have intensive dividends, and China's economy has ushered in super-benefit. To promote better and faster development of heavy-duty trucks and new energy industries, we must study policies and use policies to develop enterprises. Forward-looking products meet market demands and win the favor of users. The convening of the seminar on the reform of state-owned enterprises is of extraordinary significance and far-reaching influence. It plays an extremely important guiding role in the restructuring, transformation and upgrading of enterprises. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the need to make large, state-owned enterprises rational and strong, and to score new achievements in the important areas and key links of state-owned enterprise reform as soon as possible, which further strengthened the confidence and determination of the company to deepen reform and innovation.

Looking at the domestic and international market situation in the first half of the year, the sales of multinational car companies have risen and declined. The Chinese auto market has maintained a steady growth, especially in the new energy field, which has experienced a strong trend of double growth. In the field of new energy vehicles, Fast will synchronize with domestic self-owned brand car companies, actively adopt new national energy subsidy policies, further clarify the mainstream technology routes, and do a good job of research and development in close connection with the market, and continue to exert cost-competitive advantages. At the end of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, multinational companies competed on the same platform and competed against each other. In addition, sales of light trucks continued to decline due to increases in cost pressures caused by emission upgrades and a variety of trucks erode the market. However, high-end light trucks are still favored by users. Fast will make full use of differentiated marketing strategies to accelerate the research and development of high-end light-cap new energy products, quickly introduce market-approved products, and share such market segment bonuses. Recently, the list of the top 100 suppliers of auto parts has been announced. The success of the top 100 companies has taken the road of “strengthening and making the best and finally becoming bigger and bigger”. This is also a must-see for the Fast International the road. Parts and components products are included in the automotive recall management system, which once again shows us that product quality is our lifeline. A strong component system is a necessary condition for automobile power. In the face of the new normal development of the current zero relationship (whole vehicle and parts), Fast has to seriously think and respond positively, form a good strategic alliance with the OEM, and promote the development of the Chinese auto industry.

  For August work, enterprises should scientifically and rationally arrange production to ensure that production goals and tasks are successfully completed on a limited working day; sales headquarters must do a good job in market visits, use the “month of services” to understand the competition products, understand the industry trends, and understand the host plants. Market performance of models, the service month really become a problem to find problems, discover potential market needs, promote products and companies, close to the user to solve the problem of a good time; materials center to use the company's comprehensive consultation of thermal technology opportunities, find out the thermal industry The status quo of technology, further scientifically regulates thermal technology and process flow; it is necessary to further expand the production capacity of wheeled direct drive systems and hydraulic retarders, focusing on the quality and quantity of externally purchased parts; the design department should speed up the slowdown. Series of product development, trial production of pure electric new energy products, and development of the S transmission series, etc.; informatization projects and various projects under construction are being implemented day by day to accelerate the pace of progress, continue to meet the company's growing production and living needs; the company's overall budget , KPI into the team, top ten internal consumption, internal control management, job optimization, manpower management The management work should be based on the first half of the work summarization, and be more scientific, efficient, and more targeted to carry out the work in the third and fourth quarters; the sales department and the propaganda department should make full use of various platforms to increase the retarder and AMT. , AT, S transmission product promotion, to achieve new product marketing to a new level. At the same time, targeted arrangements were made for the key tasks of the company's controlled subsidiaries and subsidiaries. Shuangte Company was required to accelerate the localization of AT and further reduce costs. Fast Eaton must quickly increase its production capacity to meet the growing market demand; Fastwalker must increase its efforts to expand into the social market and reduce the risk of over-reliance on the Group; Fast Thailand should quickly penetrate the ASEAN market on the basis of satisfying Volvo market; Xianyang Branch should strengthen basic management, Improve staff skills, focus on product performance, quality improvement efforts.

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