Teach you how to reduce the chance of your car getting hurt while parking

If there are some small injuries in the car, it will definitely make people feel bad for several days. I do not know whether you found out that most of the minor injuries on the car body are usually unknowingly occurred during parking. The chance of encountering a car is not high. Therefore, stopping the car and choosing the right place can effectively reduce the number of cars. The appearance of damage appears.

Teach you how to reduce the risk of a car being hurt while parking. The basic principle of parking If you want your car to be injured while parking, it must be done according to this basic principle, otherwise everything is nonsense. In fact, it is very simple, that is, not only to consider the convenience of their own access, but also to consider other people's convenience, but also to consider the possibility of accidents.

1. Before and after the parking on the roadside, we must reserve the departure and departure position for us when parking the vehicle from the side of the road. At the same time, we also need to think about the front and rear cars. The front and rear of the car are not too close to the front and rear cars, but they also reserve enough space for others. This will effectively reduce the chance of being scratched before and after.

When the current distance after vacancies is relatively large, but it is not enough to park another vehicle, there may be other vehicles attempting to stop at this time, and it is easy to see embarrassment. When the space is affluent, we must leave enough room for people.

2. Parking as far as possible to stop by the side, avoiding the middle of the underground or indoor parking lot is generally 2-3 cars are separated by a concrete block. In the case of more options, try not to stop between the two cars, stopping by the side is better. Because the middle parking lot is surrounded by enemies, there is a high probability of being smashed. If you choose to stop by the side and reserve enough space for the vehicles in the middle parking space, the chance of being scraped is minimized. The closer the two cars are, the greater the chance that the door is knocked out of the pit.

3. Try not to stop at the balcony or under the window and admit that some people are not high quality, like to throw things downstairs, if you drop the garbage bags, cigarette butts, lunch boxes and the like to the car, this is considered a good luck If you come to a flowerpot, it is estimated that you will be miserable. Therefore, when there are other parking spaces, try not to stop at the balcony or under the window.

4. Do not take up people's fixed parking spaces, and the risk of being designated to use other people's parking spaces is very high. If there is no place to park, you need to stop for a short time. It is better to leave a note or contact number. It will be much better.

5. Parking as much as possible to stop parking should be as far as possible in the best, otherwise there will be like a B car, the body has not yet used the steering wheel to go out. In addition, when parking on the side of the road, the right wheel should be as close as possible to the curb, which can also reduce the probability of being dragged by other vehicles or being scraped by the bicycle.

The above-mentioned are all the experiences that Xiao Bian summed up in daily parking. Although it is not comprehensive, it can also have a certain effect under normal circumstances. I hope that by sharing these methods, more car owners can be spared. The car was scratched.

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