How to prevent car puncture in hot summer days

Since entering July, the sinister sun has been suffering from us, afflicting the car. Every summer, many car tires have a puncture. The car’s puncture will not only delay our trip, but also affect our The mood, I was rather annoyed in the summer, and the puncture was even worse. There are also many reasons for the car bursting. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about how to prevent car punctures in hot summer days.


1. Reasonable use of tires

Especially on long-distance, the vehicle must stop for about 10 minutes after running for two hours. When cooling the tires, avoid running for a long time to make the temperature higher and higher, resulting in a puncture!

When cooling the tires, do not use water to drench, but wait for it to cool naturally! Otherwise the tires are easy to get old, and it is easier to puncture the tires when it is cold and hot.

2, timing tire pressure


Maintaining a stable tire pressure can reduce the occurrence of a puncture to a large extent. Usually recommended to be tested at least once a week.

The tire pressure is high: the elasticity of the carcass is lowered, and the high temperature of the road in summer will further reduce the elasticity of the tire. If the external force is received, it may be a puncture. Just like a puffed balloon, usually!

The tire pressure is low: it will make the tire more flat, and the area in contact with the ground will increase, so that the sidewall portion is squeezed and even participated in the friction of the tread. After a long time, it will cause the inner wall to crack and even crack the cartilage side, which is easy to puncture!

3, timing detection tires


At least once a week to check the tires: the depth of the tire pattern, whether the tire wall is aging, whether the tire is injured, whether there are many foreign objects in the tire pattern need to be sorted!

Tire pattern depth: The depth of the tire pattern is an embodiment of the tire grip. Must be replaced by the loss limit;

Aging of the sidewall: the impact of new and old tires on the puncture is very large. An "old" tire, the tire wall is not elastic, and the puncture becomes easier;

Whether the tire is injured: If the tire is injured more than 3, it is usually not suitable for high-speed running. The chance of the tire burst will increase, and the tire with the drum pack can not be used continuously!

There are too many foreign objects in the pattern: too many foreign objects, such as pebbles, should be sorted out on time!

These are the Beimai Net Xiaobian to give everyone a hot summer to prevent car puncture, I hope to help everyone. You can follow the above methods to maintain the tires, and check the problems in time for repairs. If you unfortunately have your car tires puncture, be sure to adjust your mood. According to the spare tire, if you don't even have a spare tire, then you can call for help.

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