How to extend the life of car batteries

The car's battery is a very important part of the car's power system. Every time the car is started, the car is ignited by the battery discharge to ignite the car. The car's battery is also responsible for providing some electric functions in the car. . How can the life of car batteries be extended? Reasonable use of car batteries is a key issue. Let's look at how it should be done.


First, reduce the number of continuous use of car batteries. Every time the car is started, it needs a battery to provide support, but sometimes we are difficult to fight at one time. At this time, we do not recommend that you start it again immediately, because it will cause continuous discharge of the battery, and it will have a certain impact on the internal of the battery. If you need to start again, then it is best to be about 15 seconds apart, which is beneficial to the battery to reduce losses. If there is a place where batteries need to provide power, it is also not recommended for continuous operation. The most typical is the opening and closing of automatic doors. Each opening or closing must have a certain interval, and the battery should be given a buffer time. Although these operations are just a matter of habit, they are very helpful for extending the life of car batteries.

Second, before the car shuts down, it needs to complete the work that needs electricity in the car. If the sunroof of the car is turned on, the sunroof must be closed before the car shuts off. Because if the car shuts down, it will stop generating electricity. If you lift the sunroof at this time, it will increase the load on the battery and it will be very large for the wear of the battery. For headlights, windows and other places that need to use electricity must first turn off and then turn off, especially the car's headlights. If it is not necessary, you must turn off the lights and turn off the lights.

Third, on the issue of car battery maintenance. The car's battery is also need to maintain, the simplest is to do external cleaning work, if the car battery is dust, it is not conducive to the prolonged life of the car battery, need to pay attention to the clean outside the battery do not let the water fall Into the car battery, otherwise it will cause damage. Observe the height of the alkaline solution inside the battery regularly to see if the indicator light is normal. If there is a problem, it is necessary to maintain the battery in time.

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