Air energy dryer replaces traditional drying Yunnan people get out of rich road

It is understood that the Yanshan County, Yunnan Province, the use of air energy drying machine to replace the traditional smoked sulfur, drying, baking and other technology drying, not only time and effort, but also improve the efficiency of drying, production capacity from 2500 kg per day until now With 7,500 kilograms, the production cost has been reduced by 20% and it has sought a way for the local people to get rich.

300,000 to transform the production line, with air can replace the traditional drying method in the end, the cost is not?

Recently, Mr. Zhang, from the base of Chinese herbal medicines in Daishan County, Yunnan Province, opened his mouth and praised the author: “The economic account is a good deal, and ecological accounts are more cost-effective.”

There are abundant resources for wild Chinese herbal medicines in Dangshan County. There are 998 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine resources in the county, of which 963 are plant drugs, 31 are animal drugs, and 4 are mineral drugs. In recent years, in order to alleviate poverty, Daishan County has given full play to the brand effect of “Hometown of Cloud Medicine”, relying on various Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and enterprises, and developing the cultivation of Chinese medicinal materials in the mode of “company + base (professional cooperative) + farmers”. At present, the planting of saffron has reached 30,000 mu.

Previously, most of the Chinese herbal medicines in Dangshan County were dried using techniques such as smoke-smoke, air drying, and baking. Although the smoke-smoke-drying method has good anti-corrosion effect on Chinese medicinal materials, besides setting smoked stoves everywhere, a large amount of sulfur is needed. Although sulfur itself is a low-toxic and hazardous chemical, sulfur dioxide produced by its steam and sulfur burning is extremely toxic to the human body. In 2016, a number of well-known pharmaceutical companies were involved in the detection of high sulphur levels in many finished drugs due to the use of szechuan shellfish fumigated with sulphur as a raw material.

The airing method takes up a lot of space. If you look at the sky for dinner and encounter cloudy or rainy days, the medicinal materials will be completely destroyed. At the same time, you will need to put in a lot of manpower for care. The drying method is cheap and economical. Before Mr. Zhang’s family’s safflower, it’s mainly The use of drying pit method for drying, but the burning of firewood dust, heavy smell, the most important is the uneven heat distribution, difficult to grasp the heat, a carelessness will be high temperature medicines.

Last year, in order to respond to the call of the central government and protect the environment, Yunnan Province blew up the “Coal to Electricity” charge and requested that by 2017, besides necessary reservations, the pollution and backward production capacity of coal-fired small boilers should be completely eliminated. To this end, Mr. Zhang listened to a prestigious friend from a local Chinese medicine association, and went to Guangdong Nuentai New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., and spent nearly 300,000 yuan to buy 4 air-powered dryers.

Mr. Zhang introduced to the author and said, "These machines (air energy dryer) are very easy to use, there are automatic temperature and humidity controllers. Drying is controlled by the microcomputer, only need to set the target temperature and humidity, drying The machine will automatically run and complete the drying process itself.With the machine drying, not only worry and save, production capacity can only produce 2500 kg from the past day to the current 7500 kg, the production cost is reduced by 20% at once."

In the end, Mr. Zhang told the author that in the past, when he was in the harvest season, he was too busy to be killed. Not only did he have to invite people, but he often went into battle with the old and the young. Now, with these machines (air energy dryers), he not only can bake the herbs in the base easily, but also can provide medicine drying services for the nearby small growers.

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