Structure and enrichment process of coarse grain chute for gold selection

The gold selection chute is used as a rough selection equipment for low-grade gold deposits, which has the advantages of simple structure, low investment, no chemical pollution. However, its labor intensity is relatively high, and the recovery rate is low, about 50% to 60% .

The structure of the coarse grain chute is shown in Fig. 35 , and the trough body is a long groove made of steel plate or wood board, and the length is 4m Above, the width is 0.4 ~ 0. 6m , the height is 0.3 ~ 0.5m . There are steel or wooden transverse or grid-like baffles at the bottom of the trough. 0. 4m With angle steel 50mm × 50mm ) made of a lateral baffle. Some also lay a rough layer of pavement under the baffle, such as banquet, blanket, felt, plush cloth. The installation slope of the tank is generally 5° to 8° .

The slurry is fed from the high end and is rapidly turbulent in the tank. The rotary motion of the vortex continuously transfers the dense gold particles and other heavy minerals to the bottom layer to form a heavy mineral layer and is blocked by the baffle to remain in the tank; Light minerals are pushed by the water stream and drain out of the tank. After a period of more concentrates at the bottom of the tank, stop feeding the mine, add water to clean, then remove the baffle for washing, and finally, flush out the bottom concentrate. The pavement is cleaned and the wash is incorporated into the concentrate.

Figure 35: Gold-selected coarse chute

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