How to clean the stainless steel surface of the incubator?

The light incubator is a very important environmental equipment in modern life research, and is widely used in the field of seed germination, plant culture and other agricultural research fields. In order to improve the durability of the light incubator, many modern light incubators are made of stainless steel, but this does not mean that the surface of these light incubators will not be corroded. If the cleaning method or the maintenance method is not suitable, then , It is still difficult to extend the life of the light incubator, the following is a brief introduction to the light incubator stainless steel surface should be how to clean?

Light incubator

1, light incubator stainless steel surface of oil, oil, lubricating oil pollution, wipe with a soft cloth, and later with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent.

2, light incubator stainless steel surface dust and easy to remove dirt, soap, weak detergent or warm water washing.

3, light incubator stainless steel surface rainbow pattern is caused by excessive use of detergent or oil, wash with warm water detergent can be washed.

4, light incubator stainless steel surface of the trademark, film, with warm water, weak detergent to wash, adhesive composition, use alcohol or organic solvent scrub.

In the maintenance of the light incubator, the stainless steel surface of the light incubator should be regularly cleaned and maintained to maintain its gorgeous appearance and extend its service life. In the process of cleaning the stainless steel surface of the light incubator, several principles should be grasped. The first thing to do is not to scratch the surface. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the use of steel balls, abrasive tools, etc., and to avoid the use of bleaching components and abrasives. In order to remove the washing liquid, the washing liquid can be rinsed with clean water at the end of the washing.

In short, the cleaning of stainless steel surface in light incubator is very knowledgeable. In the actual work, it can be operated according to the above methods. Of course, the maintenance of the light incubator contains many contents, and we need to synchronize in the daily work. We have done a good job of maintaining and maintaining the light incubator, so we can use it better and play an important role in the instrument.

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