Is there a difference between floor heating and radiator heating?

Floor heating and radiator heating have many in common, but the differences are also obvious. Which of these two systems are good or bad is only suitable for your house. Floor heating meets the human body heating habits and comfort is good. Warming up slowly, but the radiator is doing very well at this point, the surface mounted radiator heating efficiency is very high, but slightly less comfortable than warm heating, then heating and radiator which is better? Here are the advantages of floor heating and radiators, respectively, followed by comparison of heating radiators from four aspects.

First, the advantages of warmth:

1. Moderately better: The warmth is born from the foot, and the Chinese medicine called the foot the second heart acupuncture dense level set area. As the saying goes: "Cold from the foot of life," This can be very effective on people's rheumatism and other play a very good effect.

2. Space saving: There is no radiator or fan coil and pipe in the room, which increases the area of ​​the building used, improves the effective floor height, and the interior is clean and tidy.

3, relatively low operating costs: This argument, of course, has a lot to do with your use of time, just like the car on the road, warm to the ground is a uniform exercise, has maintained a speed, and the radiator is a will 60M, one will be 80M, and one will be 10M. For the same itinerary, it is certain that uniform speed is the most energy-saving

4. Comfort and hygiene: The ground radiant heating system is one of the most comfortable air conditioning methods. The indoor surface temperature is uniform, the indoor air temperature field distribution is reasonable, and the human body feels comfortable, and the interior is clean and clean, which is beneficial to human health.

5, good stability: due to the large energy storage in the floor and floor heating aluminum foil layer, thermal stability, so even under intermittent operating conditions can maintain room temperature stability

6, long operating life: in line with European standards, the floor heating pipe material can be used continuously for more than 50 years.

Second, the advantages of radiator

1. Fast heating: good radiators begin to emit heat in about 10 minutes and reach the preset temperature in half an hour (20 degrees positive and negative 2)

2, there is no requirement for ground materials: whether it is pb pipe or aluminum plastic composite pipe can do insulation pipe, does not affect the home floor

3, save time: ready to use, no need to wait, save time.

Three, four aspects of the heating radiator:

1, from the installation effect point of view:

Floor heating is a hidden system. Floor heating pipes are buried underground, so it will not affect the decoration of the wall and the placement of furniture. It is not limited by whether the wall can be fixed by the bracket. This advantage is all around the floor glass. The space is particularly obvious, but because floor heating is a system buried underground, the net height of the room will increase. In general, wet floor heating should be increased by 8 cm. The radiators are installed under the windows. They are usually mounted on the surface and pipes are laid under the ground. At present, radiators generally use steel plates, aluminum alloys and copper-aluminum composite radiators, and pipes use copper pipes and PEX pipes. Installation in this way occupies the horizontal space of the room, and the installation of the radiator is limited by whether the wall can be fixed by the bracket.

2, from the heating effect

The heat from the floor heating is uniformly radiated from the bottom up and meets the traditional Chinese medicine theory of “warm foot cool top”. On the same level, the temperature of the room is even and the temperature difference is small, which will make people feel comfortable just right. The heating of the radiators is dominated by convection. The radiators dissipate the hot air, so that the cold and warm air in the room can be convected to achieve heating. Radiator heating will increase with the distance between the radiator and the location, and the temperature will decrease. The temperature difference between the same level is larger. This kind of feeling is especially obvious in a large space room. From this perspective, the comfort of the radiator is relatively poor, but it is better than air conditioning and heating.

3, from the thermal efficiency

Slow heating and slow heat dissipation. The radiators are more in line with young people's demand standards.

4, from the perspective of energy efficiency:

The floor heating installation is low-temperature radiation cooling, the required water temperature is lower, and the floor heating has the function of temperature adjustment and temperature control, and may not have any advantage for centralized heating, but for an independent heating system or a centralized heating household metering system, The energy-saving effect is obvious. Radiator belongs to air convection heat dissipation, the required water supply temperature is higher, and most of the heating is without temperature control device, even if there is a heating and control system, the energy-saving effect is still not obvious, and floor heating than the heating energy-saving 30%.

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