Coal gangue hazard

Coal gangue open dumps, occupy a lot of land; heaps easy to collapse to form gravity disaster; it carries hazardous leachate solubles, can pollute the water environment, soil environment; heaps of dust or spontaneous combustion but also pollutes the atmosphere.

1. Meteorite land

The meteorite pile is located near the wellhead, close to the residential area, invading a large number of cultivated land, forest land, residential land and industrial and mining land, destroying the geological landscape.

2. The meteorite heap causes gravity disaster

The natural resting angle of the meteorite pile is 38°~40°. Under the action of artificial excavation and rainfall leaching, it is easy to lose weight and cause gravity disasters, such as slag flow and collapse.

3. Wastewater environment of ochre heap leachate

Organic nutrients that destroy the soil The pollution of the soil by coal gangue, besides occupying the land, also manifests the organic nutrients that make the land salinize and destroy the soil, affecting the growth of crops. Coal gangue can be decomposed into partially soluble salts during weathering, such as Co, SO2, Mg+, Ca+, K+ or Na+. When these soluble salts are immersed in the soil, the soil will be salinized. In addition, coal gangue contains harmful heavy metals, after rain would seep into the soil and increase the content of heavy metals in soils, thereby destroying organic nutrients in the soil.

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