As a civilized driver, driving LED advertising vehicle safely

Many drivers and drivers have high and low qualities. Whether they drive cars, big trucks, luxury cars, or LED advertising vehicles, they should all be good drivers who are law-abiding. Everyone’s driving skills cannot be guaranteed to be perfect. However, those harsh driving habits will indirectly or directly bring troubles to many people. At the same time, they will also involve others and their own lives.


1, the head is a group of terrible groups, whether it is walking or driving, from time to time will come up with a cell phone to see the circle of friends, chat QQ. Driving a LED advertising car requires a high degree of concentration. If you are driving a LED advertising car while you are down and playing with a mobile phone, if you are driving at a faster speed, you will stare at the phone and you will estimate the LED advertising car. It was several meters away. In case of a collision with the vehicle in front, the result is simply unthinkable. For the sake of self and other people's safety, it is not an urgent matter for mobile phones or to watch when driving.

2, there are some LED advertising vehicle drivers in the driving through the school gate, not far away should have seen a clear prompt sign prompts "in front of the school, slow down slow" sign, but low-quality driving is still no matter Regardless of whether or not to maintain the original speed, when the children are seen crossing the road, they will press the horns. Such drivers should be beaten by their parents.

3. Now that the cleaners are basically older, it is not easy to support their families. Many cleaners will clean up when they see some drivers in the middle of the street throwing garbage out of the car. However, this will happen. Many sanitation workers were killed when cleaning garbage. When someone is driving at high speed, he even flings after drinking drinks and melon peels. The result is directly on the front windshield of the rear car. Such bad qualities should not have been issued to such people.

4, usually LED advertising car drivers deliberately occupy the private parking spaces of others, but these are others to spend money to buy, and some LED advertising vehicle drivers or special equipment is obviously parked, and has not left a car The phone, came back to see my body was scratched, I just want to say two words live! The!

Sodium Formate

Sodium formate is one of the simplest organic carboxylates, white crystals or powders,density1.919g/cm3. with slightly Formic Acid odor. Easily soluble in water, and glycerin, slightly soluble in alcohol. Melting point253℃ (Anhydrous substance), odorless. Has reducibility.Slightly deliquescent and hygroscopicity.Non-corrosive, non-inflammable, the sodium formate is non-toxic to human body.
Sodium formate is mainly used in the production of insurance powder, Oxalic Acid and formic ACID.It is used as camouflage acid in chromium tannery, catalyst, stabilizer and reductant in printing and dyeing industry.

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