Detailed application of the permanent magnet magnetic separator

The magnetic stability of the permanent magnet magnetic separator is the leader in energy saving and emission reduction. It is an indispensable machine in many industries. What is the role of the permanent magnet magnetic separator? The following is a detailed explanation of the specific use of the permanent magnetic separator.

1. Primary selection. Permanent magnetic separator can be primaries for poor iron ore, waste rock wall rock exclusion, improve the grade of ore, a process to reduce the load of the next, in order to improve the efficiency of magnetic separation of paving.

2. Ceramic industry. The permanent magnet magnetic separator can remove the mixed iron in the porcelain mud and improve the quality of the ceramic.

3. Removal of iron work. Removal of iron and other materials in magnetic materials, to improve the purity of materials, such as ore, coal-fired, foundry sand, refractory or other industries needed in addition to iron, these industries can see the permanent magnetic separator to show their talents.

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