·New energy used cars are trapped in low residual value, the industry circulation management system needs to be improved

According to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2017, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China were close to 800,000 units, an increase of more than 53% year-on-year, and the market share increased by 0.9 percentage points over the previous year.
However, compared with the sales of new cars in the fire, the used car market is obviously less enthusiastic about new energy vehicles.
The current low-cost purchase price of new energy vehicles in the second-hand market is so ridiculous that second-hand car dealers also expressed their reluctance to do new energy vehicle business. According to the media, for example, a new car with a price of 100,000 yuan, a two-year new car with a battery life of 150 kilometers, and a dealer’s purchase price of only about 28,000 yuan. In addition, according to the statistics of a used car website, among the more than 100,000 used cars currently sold, there are only about 1,000 new energy vehicles, accounting for only 1%. And this includes fuel-electric hybrid vehicles, and the number of pure electric vehicles is even smaller.
Insiders pointed out that the first batch of new energy vehicles have entered the replacement period, and the situation of “easy to buy and difficult to sell” has become more apparent.
Faced with the traceability of the replacement environment, the purchase price of used cars depends on a number of factors such as the performance of the car, the price fluctuation range, reliability, the price of accessories and the ease of maintenance. It is the embodiment of the comprehensive level of the car, and currently affects the use of new energy used cars. The most intuitive factor is the low rate of preservation. A second-hand car dealer told the reporter of China Sankei Shimbun.
"When it comes to the hedge rate, we may wish to calmly think about whether the quality of the current new energy vehicles can stand the test." Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Dealers Association, admitted in an interview with the reporter of China Sankei Shimbun. The development foundation of new energy vehicles is not strong enough, especially in terms of core technology and infrastructure construction.
Luo Lei pointed out that the problem of inactive trading of new energy vehicles in the used car market is closely related to factors such as low stocks and weak demand in the new car market. "Although in the industry's view, new energy vehicles are a direction for future development, it seems that as a new type of car, new energy vehicles are still in their infancy, and it will take some time to really enter people's lives."
For the valuation of new energy used cars, the most sensitive may be the battery. According to the "Top Ten Auto Consumer Rights Protection Hotspots in 2017" released by Consumer Network and Beijing Sunshine Consumer Data Research Institute, although consumers' acceptance of new energy vehicles has improved, new energy vehicles have been "shrinking". The problem of pain points such as difficulty in charging and unstable performance has not been effectively solved. From this point of view, battery research and development technology has yet to be broken.
Second-hand car dealers added: "The engine life of a typical conventional gasoline car is at least 15 years, and the value of the hedge is calculated at 5% of the annual depreciation. However, the battery of the new energy vehicle is still in the development stage, and many car dealers do not have the judgment of battery performance. The experience and ability, so when the acquisition of new energy vehicles will give a relatively low conservative price."
"Because of technological advancement, new energy vehicles are upgrading rapidly, and the key performance of new energy vehicles such as endurance, battery quality, and charging time can be improved to a large extent in the short term. Consumers have this general expectation, and the market fact is Therefore, compared with fuel vehicles, the depreciation of second-hand new energy vehicles is the depreciation of geometric series, which leads to insufficient effective demand, and it is not surprising that the purchase price is very low.” Institute of Business Brand Strategy, Communication University of China Chang Zhang Shuting bluntly told the reporter of China Sankei Shimbun.
Zhao Xiang, a senior analyst of the Yiguan Auto Travel Industry, said in an interview with the China Sankei Shimbun News that the low second-hand purchase price will not only cause the replacement of the owner, but also its low value-preserving ability will affect consumers' new energy. Careful choice of the car. Since the government vigorously developed new energy vehicles, the first wave of used cars has been listed, occupying a relatively large-scale used car resources. The most difficult problem in the handling of vehicles is that the ultra-low-cost resale will definitely affect to a certain extent. Fast delivery and sales to new cars.
Counter-stimulus of subsidies At present, the state and manufacturers have more favorable incentives for new energy vehicles. While effectively reducing the cost of new car purchases, they have also amplified the depreciation effect of second-hand new energy vehicles, resulting in the purchase of second-hand new energy vehicles. Lack of motivation. New energy vehicles have entered the used car market without any subsidies, and they have also raised the threshold for new energy used cars in disguise.
The issue of whether to cancel the new energy vehicle subsidy policy has been controversial in the industry. Some people say that the new energy vehicle market is still in a difficult start stage, and its low value-keeping ratio and decreasing subsidies will undoubtedly directly affect consumers' enthusiasm for purchasing new energy vehicles. To this end, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, has publicly stated that the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles will be postponed until 2020.
“The subsidy policy for new energy vehicles is characterized by phased and diminishing nature. The state is already planning to cancel the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles.” Wenzhou, the executive director of the Central Finance University’s Zhongcai-Pengyuan Local Finance Investment and Financing Institute In accepting the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter, Cheng stressed that from the perspective of long-term development, new energy auto companies cannot rely solely on government financial subsidies, and need to fundamentally solve technical problems such as battery life and supporting facilities as soon as possible. Gradually realize the sound development of the entire industry, including the trading of new energy used cars.
"At present, the growth of new energy vehicle sales is only driven by the subsidy policy. A market that relies on subsidies to support it must be immature." Luo Lei believes that if the second-hand new energy vehicle has a low rate of protection, the after-sales problem cannot be effectively solved. It will also lead to market circulation is not smooth, and will even become a major obstacle to the promotion of new energy vehicles.
In addition, the lack of third-party valuation standards has also become an important factor in the cold of the new energy used car market.
Zhao Xiang pointed out that there is currently no third-party organization that can detect the system, and there is no specific detection method. There is no general calculation formula for the new energy vehicle's hedge ratio. Therefore, in order to be safe when trading, car dealers generally put the price down very low.
Management system needs to be improved Luo Lei said that car companies want to improve the product's preservation rate, can also refer to the country's practice, start a value-based repurchase program for second-hand new energy vehicles with a certain number of years to enhance consumer confidence in new energy vehicles . From the national level, through the financial subsidies for new energy vehicles to stimulate demand, the national level should also organize the study to introduce the evaluation criteria for new energy used cars, starting from the used car market and establishing a standardized service system, which is conducive to the new energy automobile industry. healthy growth.
Zhao Xiang also gave a similar point of view. She believes that major companies can also buy second-hand new energy vehicles at an appropriate high price. On the one hand, they can provide certain replacement protection for the owners, and also maintain the brand image. It can be used to develop services related to post-service of new energy vehicles.
Zhang Shuting further pointed out that in the next few years, the rapid development of technology will greatly improve the performance of new energy vehicles and significantly reduce the price. The ownership of used vehicles and new energy vehicles is basically environmental protection or reuse or entering the waste collection station. Relevant departments must take precautions. To consider the recycling and reuse of second-hand new energy vehicles from the perspective of environmental protection, it is necessary to establish a professional recycling system for new energy vehicles in a timely manner to help consumers eliminate the worries of buying new energy vehicles.
In addition, the reporter noted that the Ministry of Commerce will continue to further implement the "Automobile Sales Management Measures", promote the revision and improvement of the industry management system, research and support the development of related industries such as auto parts maintenance and consumption-type modification, and dig deep into the emerging consumption potential of automobiles. It is believed that a relatively complete management from pre-sales to after-sales will enable the new energy auto industry to develop healthily.
It should be pointed out that the current inactivity of new energy used cars is an instinctive reaction of the market. In Zhang Shuting's view, the ultra-low purchase price of the new energy used car market is conducive to the popularization of new energy vehicles in the long run. He pointed out: "The new energy vehicles actually have many advantages that fuel vehicles do not have. However, due to objective reasons such as low endurance and insufficient number of charging piles, many consumers have subjective biases and the most effective way to change prejudice. It is the actual experience. As long as the price of new energy used cars is low enough, there will still be a certain market space, which will attract some consumers who currently only have the ability to buy used cars to buy and use, thus realizing the advantages of new energy vehicles. After the economic strength is improved and the consumption of cars is upgraded, it is believed that consumers will be more inclined to new energy vehicles."

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