Revo FR480E excavator equipment group "to ride" Inner Mongolia open-pit coal mine

The row of excavator battle groups in Inner Mongolia's open-pit coal mines always impressed us—big swinging, roaring, and roaring. After a year, the author again came to Inner Mongolia, a large open-pit coal mine, not only the spectacular view of the open-pit coal mine. Deeply attracted, but also impressed by the work of the Revol FR480E excavator group.

Revo excavator job site

Since 2016, the coal mine company has cooperated with Lovol Engineering Machinery. After more than two years of close cooperation, the performance, quality and after-sales service of Loeboil excavators have been recognized by customers. Up to now, the cumulative procurement of Lovol FR480E excavators is forty. More than Taiwan.

All upgrades, internal and external repairs

Most of the open-pit coal mines are mined using the production method of excavators and dump trucks. The excavator models used in surface coal mines are mostly over 30 tons. For example, the Lovol FR480E excavator used in this coal mine in Inner Mongolia is used.

Faced with many construction machinery brands at home and abroad, why does this open-pit coal mine in Inner Mongolia love the Revo FR480E excavator? The chief of the coal mine, Gao Gao, showed the truth. The Revo FR480E excavator has strong engine power and high reliability, and its product performance is at the domestic advanced level. The key part of the working device is the alloy cast steel structure, and the reinforced arm reinforcement plate is used to reinforce it. It is very reliable and durable to use. Revel's excavator has won high recognition from its powerful power, superior work performance and operating efficiency, and stated that it will continue to strengthen its cooperation with Lovol Engineering Machinery Group in the later period in order to expand the company's production scale.

General Gao said that he visited many excavator manufacturers in the early stage. Due to the harsh environment of the mine and the heavy load conditions, he chose the excavator with strong power, low failure rate, and after-sales service. Good, timely supply of accessories. Revo FR480E excavator, as one representative of Loeb Heavy Industries’ large-tonnage excavator, is a large-scale excavator newly developed based on the HIPDP product creation process, which is relied on by Revo Engineering Machinery Japan R&D Center, a Japanese expert as a project manager. product. From the product definition to the new product release, there is one expert for each device.

This year, in the face of rapidly changing market demand, Revo FR480E upgraded its entire system and designed a mine-type chassis, effectively avoiding the problem of carrier sprocket falling off due to bolt breakage under heavy working conditions; the slewing bearing connection base eliminates industry products. The commonly used integrated welding design adopts a segmented design to effectively disperse the stress and avoid breakage of the connection seat due to stress concentration. Bucket bucket shape optimization, from the crescent to the crescent-style upgrade, together with the diamond with diamond teeth, not only the good performance of the soil, can use the arc of the crescent bucket to form a leverage, so that the machine successfully completed under heavy conditions Alice Stone operation. The waterproof rating of the whole vehicle connector is increased from the IP55 required by the national standard to IP67, and the reliability is increased by 6.8%.

In the exterior design of the car body, the color matching of gold stone yellow and technology gray is used to match the new DI design. The maintenance time of the whole machine has been extended from 250h to 500h, reducing the number of maintenance and reducing the cost of use. The 20t model maintenance can save more than 6,000 yuan. The whole machine has a maintenance prompt function to remind the user to regularly maintain on time, safe and convenient. Reasonable machine structure layout, easy to complete machine inspection and filter replacement. Various upgrade designs have imperceptibly improved the performance of the whole machine, highlighting the heavy feeling of the mining machine, making the product more suitable for heavy duty mine operations, and fully demonstrating the features of the FR480E intelligent, reliable, efficient, safe and comfortable product.


Revo excavator is working

Efficient and high-quality service allows users to rest assured

The after-sales service of the product is the most concern to the customer after the purchase, and the after-sales service will also directly affect the customer's satisfaction. LOVOL Construction Machinery continuously optimizes its service model, creates a brand new standardized service system and platform, continues to implement the “standardization, standardization, and differentiation” service model, adjusts and optimizes service terminals and internal management, and implements a regional responsibility system to form a terminal “service theater”. ".

At the same time, LOVOL after-sales service provides 1 year or 2000 working hours warranty, and provides certain cost support in the arrival acceptance, delivery training and strong protection, while the presence of engineers to provide support. The service team carries out resource integration based on the centralized area of ​​the loader construction, strengthens service force, improves response speed, and continuously improves customer satisfaction.

Large-scale open-pit coal mining is different from ordinary coal mining operations. The total output of high-grade coal is 3 million tons, and the annual output of earthwork is 25 million tons. The day shift and day shift are two shifts. The excavator is basically in working condition 24 hours a day, plus the open air. Coal dust on the air more dust, but also heavy operating conditions, the working environment is relatively poor, in order to extend the life of the excavator, must carry out regular maintenance. In view of this situation, Lovol Engineering Machinery Group dispatches professional after-sales service engineers to provide comprehensive training and guidance in product debugging, use, maintenance, and maintenance, and provides a full range of service support for customers to create revenue.

Revo FR480E excavator as a star product of Lovol Engineering Machinery Group has been praised by customers. Lovol Engineering Machinery Group will continue to uphold the mission of "science and technology will create the future" and integrate global wisdom. With the high reliability of products and good adaptability of working conditions, it will support domestic and foreign large-scale construction groups and build world-class projects to provide global urban construction. Systematic solution. (This article comes from Lovol Engineering Machinery BU Wei)

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