China's cable industry status quo analysis and development prospects

In the era of knowledge economy, the characteristics of market competition standards are particularly prominent. Through the integration of standards and patents to achieve patent standardization and standard monopolization, the market share and monopoly profits can be maximized. Therefore, there are “second-rate companies sell products, first-class companies sell patents, and super-class companies sell standards”.
China's cable industry standards lag behind, much less mature than the European and other countries' standard systems, and this issue has long been a consensus among industry players. However, as the society continues to improve, we can be delighted to find that the development of China's cable industry standards is constantly improving and improving. This is mainly due to the following points:
Good policy formulation
In recent years, China’s economy has developed rapidly. The 12th Five-Year Plan for National Energy Technology, the 12th Five-Year Development Plan for Non-Ferrous Metals Industry, and the 12th Five-Year Plan for Aluminum Industry have been issued in succession to lead the industry. Develop new trends. Whether it is the service of the upstream industry or the support of the downstream industry, it will facilitate the development of standards for the cable industry.
Work together to promote the maturity of cable standards
The maturity of China's cable standards is inseparable from the concerted efforts of various departments and agencies. Institutions, associations take the lead, enterprises participate in, and the state regulates and performs their duties, which makes the development of cable industry standards present new vitality.
Shanghai Cable Research Institute is the only research institute in China that integrates wire and cable research and development, engineering design, test and inspection, information exhibition services and industry work. Since its establishment, the Institute has been doing its best for the wire and cable industry in China. Many scientific and technological achievements have created a precedent for China's wire and cable industry. After half a century of baptism, it has become a benchmark in the industry. In the past two years, the institute has taken the lead and participated in the formulation of a number of industry standards, which has played a very important role in the standardization and standardization of China's cable industry.
In the past two years, wire and cable industry associations and chambers of commerce in various regions have sprung up and blossomed in the motherland. China's vast territory and abundant resources, folk customs in different regions are not the same. Industry associations take advantage of the situation to guide the development of regional cable industry. They also contributed to the development of cable industry standards. Such as China Cable Chamber of Commerce, intangible wire and cable industry associations.
Cable companies are based on the forefront of the industry and have made greater efforts in technology research. After product research and development, what kind of standards to use to measure is also of great concern to the company. In the development of cable standards for its own R&D products, companies have a unique advantage, and it is incumbent to participate in them, such as Far East, Shanghai Shangshang, Zhongtian Technology, Yueqing Group and so on.
Accelerating the standard revision process
In the past two years, there have been frequent reports that cable products tend to be standardized, cable standards have been developed, and domestic gaps have been filled. In terms of wind energy cables, the newly issued "Technical Specifications for Twisted-Flexible Cables for Wind Power Generation of Rated Voltages of 1.8kV/3kV and Below" provides "calcium supplementation" for the healthy development of industries; the revision of special cable standards has no substantive progress, but it is trending on a positive day. The development of standardization; Chongqing Taishan Wire and Cable Company has initiated the preparation of corporate standards for cross-linked polyethylene insulated high-voltage DC cables and accessories; 500 kV Fu Hong Kong submarine cable operation and maintenance work standards will be introduced; Anhui's silicone rubber insulated power cable Five special cable standards such as power cables for frequency converters were introduced. The acceleration of the standard revision process led us to see the progress of the revision of the cable standard.
We can foresee that the formulation of a new round of cable standards will change the drawbacks of China's new cable product quality inspections, eliminate the confusion of domestic cable models, and the uneven quality of products, so that the quality of China's cable products will reach a new level. Steps. This is not only conducive to the orderly development of the industry, but also facilitates national supervision and management, but also provides guidance for consumers to buy.

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