Lithium carbonate maintains tight operation, cobalt price maintains stable ternary cathode material to maintain rising

China Merchants Securities released a research report on October 31, saying that during the week from October 23 to October 30, the price of lithium hydroxide increased slightly; in September, China's lithium carbonate imports increased by 24.7% from the previous month; the price of cobalt remained stable. 99.8% quoted at 29.85-30.9 US dollars / lb; last week, the price of precursor 523 has climbed to 1.16-1.10 yuan / ton.

Lithium hydroxide price increased slightly

China Merchants Securities believes that the price of lithium carbonate is stable this week, the current market price is higher, and the supply of raw materials is limited. Some enterprises are selling sporadic stocks after the guarantee of normal orders. In the week, retail investors in the market were active, traders actively took the goods, and mainstream manufacturers were mainly long-term orders, with a small amount of stocks flowing out at high prices. The current price of metal lithium market is more than 900,000 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price is 85-900,000 yuan / ton, the low price is raised from last week, the average price rose 15,000 yuan / ton. The market price of battery-grade lithium carbonate was stable at 1.70-17.6 million yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price of 99.6% high-purity battery-grade lithium carbonate was around 170,000 yuan/ton. With the completion of the previous residual orders, the new quotation gradually became the market. accept. The current market price of industrial grade lithium carbonate is 1.50-1560 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is more than 148,000 yuan/ton. The current ex-factory price of lithium carbonate has risen sharply and the market shipments are less. The manufacturers guarantee normal production and orders. Completed as the main. This week, the price of lithium hydroxide in Xinjiang has been slightly increased. The average market price is still maintained at 154,000 yuan/ton. Compared with lithium carbonate, the lithium hydroxide market is relatively light, and the current market is mainly stable.

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Lithium carbonate price change

China's lithium carbonate imports increased by 24.7% in September from the previous month.

According to China Customs statistics, in September, China's lithium carbonate imports were 2,779 tons, an increase of 24.7% from the previous month and 83.0% year-on-year. From January to September 2017, the total import volume of lithium carbonate in China was 22,200 tons, a year-on-year increase of 48.4%.

In September, the demand for lithium carbonate in the Chinese market increased significantly due to the downstream cathode material market. However, domestic lithium carbonate suppliers only maintained operating capacity, and the supply of lithium carbonate in the international market also increased with the release of small capacity in Argentina. In order to maintain production, demanders imported a large amount of lithium carbonate, so the import of lithium carbonate increased sharply in the month.

In September, China imported 1,536 tons of lithium carbonate from Chile, an increase of 35.8% from the previous month, ranking first in the month. Imported 874 tons of lithium carbonate from Argentina, an increase of 13.5% from the previous month. The Chilean government has banned the export of brine since June, and local lithium carbonate producers have processed the brine into lithium carbonate for re-export, and the market supply has increased. The production capacity of lithium salt producers in Argentina has been gradually released, and the output has also increased. The purchase price of lithium carbonate in the Chinese market is relatively high, and the market tends to export to China. In October, China's main lithium carbonate supplier Tianqi lithium industry overhaul, domestic lithium carbonate supply fell again, lithium carbonate prices rose again, downstream demanders continue to seek resources from the international market. It is expected that China's lithium carbonate imports will continue to grow in October.

Cobalt prices remain stable

The price of cobalt products is still relatively stable this week. The outer disk and foreign media, tetracobalt and cobalt sulfate, have an upward trend, and the downstream purchasers are only required to make a small amount of transactions. The latest MB cobalt price of 99.3 is quoted at 29.45-30.35 USD/lb, and 99.8% is quoted at 29.85-30.9 USD/lb. The foreign media price remained stable this week, which is a normal consolidation of the price, but the market demand is not short, and the future cobalt is expected. There is still room for price increases.

This week, the mainstream major manufacturers' prices were stable, and the price of electrolytic cobalt was 43.1-451 million yuan/ton. Cobalt tetraoxide ≥ 72% quotation is stable between 36.8-37.3 million yuan / ton, cobalt oxide 72% is still stable at the price of 33-35 million yuan / ton. The price of cobalt salt products is stable. The price of cobalt sulfate 20-21% is still 9.25-9.75 million yuan/ton, the cobalt chloride 24% price is 10.8-11.8 million yuan/ton, the cobalt oxalate price is 14.5-15.2 million yuan/ton, cobalt acid. Lithium 39.5-40.5 million.

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Cobalt product price

The downstream cathode material maintains an upward trend

Ternary materials: The price of ternary precursors continued to rise after the National Day holiday. The price of predecessor 523 last week has climbed to 1.16-1.10 yuan/ton. In late October, as some consumers began to prepare for the production in November, the price of precursors further rose. The current mainstream price is 11.7-12 thousand yuan/ton, up by 1000 yuan/ton from last week. The industry believes that as the procurement demand increases, the precursor price will continue to rise.

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