Knocking help top security technical measures

Knocking help top security technical measures

1. Each class will perform a knockout on the comprehensive mining operation area once, and the team will be responsible for the supervision at the scene, and the regional posts will be responsible for handling. Console shift change trains electricians responsible for the area; Marty driver responsible 10m range around the belt tail; head in charge of work safety head outlet; # 1 frame column region crusher motor to the blind side; Yun-face cleaners in charge United pedestrian lane side, back along the safety outlet of the last column to a range of 50m holder forward advance; coal mining pick driver responsible for replacing the front and rear when the shearer drum 3; when the chute is responsible for operations in the working area three mechanic Knocking on the top.

2. After the maintenance and repair of the maintenance class, arrange a special person to carry out a thorough knocking on the top of the fully mechanized mining area. After the class, the report will be reported to help the top.

3, knock the help top tool to use special tools. The class leader with the class checks the integrity of the knocking tool and finds that the damage or deformation is replaced in time. Knocking help top treatment principle: first outside and then inside, first top and back, first up and down, first and then far.

4, knocking on the top of the job should be carried out by two experienced employees, one person to work, one person to guard. Choose the top plate support is good, stand 2m away from the falling point, and ensure that the retreat is smooth. The angle between the tool and the horizontal plane is less than 45 degrees. The handler should wear gloves to prevent the meteorite from falling and hurting people, and gradually process it from the outside to the inside.

5. Before starting work, the captain of the class must knock on the top of the work surface to thoroughly check the safety situation and confirm that the non-hazardous rear personnel enter the work surface.

6. Managers must go down to the work and eliminate hidden dangers. Strictly implement the handover system.

7. All job operators, especially single-job operators, should knock on the top of the work area to ensure that the top plate and the two sets of support are intact and there is no safety hazard before they can work.

8. The hidden dangers that cannot be dealt with should be marked with white spray paint, and reported to the dispatching room, and the team should be arranged to take measures.

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